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  1. Hey Dom, I'm actually trying to install an HD Tap. I have found that I think its best to keep the lens in after testing.
  2. Hello everyone, I was hoping to get some advice on how to remove the front of my SR2 and gain access to the lens shown in the photo here to hopefully remove it. I am trying to gain access to the screws that you can see here and I assume that I need to remove the front panel of the camera to do so. If anyone has any exploded views of the camera or any advice it would be a great help! Thanks so much for your time!
  3. Sam those are great man! Love the look. I recently bought a 4 perf camera and I will likely do some 2 perf masking at some point soon and attempt to offset frames like I have seen done a few times.
  4. Hey David! Thanks for the Info. Wow that is a larger difference than I thought! I guess you would likely also have smaller grain still with 2 perf as well shooting the same stock also.
  5. Hey Joseph, Just a quick question. If you don't mind me asking what is your reasoning for wanting to shoot on 2 perf? I shot a short a few years ago on 2 perf but looking back I wish I had shot S16 and shot something like a Hawk ano 1.3x. You'll achieve the same widescreen look. Anamorphic might not be the right feel for the film but just something I wanted to suggest. You don't really get that much more negative real-estate shooting 2 perf than S16. Good luck with the film man.
  6. Hey guys, I'll throw my 2 cents in as someone who bought a 435 ES a few months back. First off, I work mostly in commercials. I'm lucky enough to have made a point of fighting to shoot film on most of my projects and its largely a part of my work. Last year my work was more than 50% film, something I definitely don't take for granted. Shooting on film isn't financially a smart decision but bringing film onto a project changes the dynamic as you know. For me, owning the camera was more of a move to help sell shooting film on lower budget projects that are already considering shooting film. Most of which are music videos or commercials, which you'll only be running a few rolls. I also have an Arri service center 20 minutes from my house which played a large part into being open to buying the camera. I can't speak to why so many are popping up for sale. What I can say is a great tool and I have really enjoyed working with it.
  7. Hey Everyone, I am looking to source a Aaton Penelope. I am located in Toronto, Ontario Canada so if someone is selling on within Canada that would be best but I am willing to ship as well. Thanks for your time, Mack
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