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  1. is this still available? dabbsrichard@gmail.com
  2. Wtb a tango head. dabbsrichard@gmail.com
  3. Im looking for a 3 perf 235 camera. If anyone knows of anyone that may be in the market of selling one. Please let men know. dabbsrichard@gmail.com
  4. MB18 still for sale? dabbsrichard@gmail.com
  5. Looking for 235 package 3 perf with 2 c mags. dabbsrichard@gmail.com
  6. Looking for mdr4
  7. Looking for a single channel hand set
  8. could you send me the cost of the camera. Dabbsrichard@gmail.com
  9. WTB: digital microforce 2 or above dabbsrichard@gmail.com
  10. Selling a complete tomahawk Gold mount deluxe kit. $9000 obo
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