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  1. Hello. Recently I got a Bolex REX 1 which is in a good condition, but the diopter adjustment seems to be broken. It doesn't do anything when I rotate it and the image in the finder is out of focus. Although the footage comes out Ok, so it's not a lens problem. I assume it just needs a minor fix, but I can't understand how to take off the top plate from the finder. On other Bolex models there screws that hold the plate, here I can't find any. I wonder if anyone had any experience with these and I really hope it's possible, at least it was relatively easy with Rex 3. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Hi Dom. Thank you so much for your advice, it worked. Took some time to get a proper screwdriver (mine was to thick for the tube), tried it today and took the front plate off in the end. Thanks!
  3. Hello. I have a Bolex EBM and I really wanna convert it to super 16. There are no services around that could provide such conversion and sending the camera to the US would be too expensive. I don't care much about the viewfinder conversion, the main point for me is the S16 image. So I'm trying to do the conversion myself. Before I only had experience with K3, although it's a different camera, I can see a few similarities. I'm using this guide http://sparetimelabs.com/animato/animato/s16/s16.html I understand that EBM and Rex are different cameras, but that's the only thing I could find online. I started with unscrewing the front plate, I took it off and then I stuck. Something's not letting the front, but I can't figure out what exactly. Can anyone please help me with that? What should I do next? Thank you.
  4. "I also used another technique that Doug Milsome [bSC] utilized on Full Metal Jacket [see AC Sept. 1987] where you throw the camera’s shutter out of sync to create a streaking effect from the top to the bottom of the frame. It’s a very interesting effect, but it’s also scary because there’s no way back [once you shoot with it]." "Kaminski employed Panavision Platinum and Panastar cameras throughout the Private Ryan shoot, and had Samuelson Film Services in London prepare one unit with a purposely mistimed shutter in order to create the described streaking effect. Used in combination with a narrow shutter, however, the effect was negated as the shortened shutter interval fell within the moment that the film was in its stationary position. Due to this anomaly, however, the "streaking" camera could also be used for normal shooting provided that the shutter was set between 45 and 90 degrees." Also found this post from 2006 "out of phase, I mean miss timing between shutter and movement, using on arri 435 or Panavision XL." Do I understand correctly that this something that has to be done by a technician, so it's more about servicing and not about the certain camera? Btw, most likely it's Arriflex 416 in the reference that I posted in the first message.
  5. To me, it looks like it was probably made with plugins. It's "Raised by Krump", right? The image you attached could easily be a still from a modern hip hop music video. Have a look at these two tutorials:
  6. Hello everyone. Some time ago I stumbled upon a Gucci video and one particular effect/ look grabbed my attention. The video starts with a kind of "blurred" look. You can also see attached stills. To me, it looks like when film jams a little bit, but this doesn't look like a fault. Maybe something was done in a camera. At the same time, there's a part (second still or 1:44 - 1:46) where it looks more like a certain filter. Looks close to a star filter, but still doesn't look the same. Any ideas on how to achieve this? Thank you!
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