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  1. Hello Mike, any news on the slitting - perforating 16-DS8 films, please? Thank you, Karel
  2. https://www.macodirect.de/en/film/movie-films-super-8-to-35mm/1719/fomapan-r-100-double-super-8mm-film-on-30.5m-spool?c=616
  3. Do not want to. It would be so cute. But thanks for the idea.
  4. Dear friends, I have been blessed to aquire a 35mm movie camera - Kinamo by ICA/Zeiss Ikon, 1930s. It seems to be mechanically working... I would .love to try it out. For that, cca 25m of film is needed. Anyone has got a leftover, please? Merci. K
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