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  1. Ok, Thanks Simon. thought that that was what happened. It does not run when I "push the trigger". Can I easily get inside to reach the releasemechanism?
  2. How do I fix this problem? All ideas wellcome!
  3. Thank you Gentlemen. I already own One of these, together with a couple of other 16mm's, Cine Kodak B, BBjunior, E, K and mag.cameras. K3 and Kiev 16u from CCCP and also Filmo 70DR and a Bell & Hotell 200. Nobody seems to use the Pathe thing for filming att all, just as paperweights. I hope to run a few meters just to see what happens.
  4. Hi! WHO knows of anyone with knowledge and experience with these wonderful cameras. There is quite a lot of Them for sale all around, But I can't find much tech talk about Them. WHO can help!!
  5. Thanks Aapo, Dennis and Mark. Could the double Effect have something to do with the magazine in the BH 200?
  6. Has anybody ever tried to shoot regular d8 film with an old double perf camera. I have a few old Kodaks that want to check but don't want to buy a full 100' roll just for this. I mean, perfs are THE same, just twice as many.
  7. Has anyone used of have experience with this camera. I just bought One from Ukraine, and now I'm waiting for lenSes bought from both Ukraine and Russia. Are there any strong or weak spots in this?
  8. How about keeping the battery in an airtight container, and spray some Propane/butane to push out the oxygene. It works when you don't want your developer to age when there is oxygene in the bottle.
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