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    I have a 1969 Beaulieu 4008 ZM and a mid 50's Bolex H16 Supreme.
  1. Hello everyone. I hope all is well. I'm looking for a 16mm splicing block. Please let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks! Chris
  2. Hello everyone. As a new owner to a Bolex, I'm looking to have my lenses checked out and serviced. Any good recommendations? I see Calkovsky offers cleaning and lubricating, but that seems to be the only thing Google is turning up. Am I missing something? Chris
  3. Hello everyone! I have a Beaulieu 4008 ZM that I plan on doing a lot of shooting with. It has the Angenieux 8-64mm lens. I picked up a light meter. It’s a Gossen Luna Pro that has a “cine” scale. The manual is here: http://www.cameramanuals.org/flashes_meters/gossen_luna_pro_electronic.pdf The film is 200ASA, and I can easily set the light meter to 200. After pressing the Range Selector, I have a reading of “12 1/2” on the scale, and I adjust the ring so the yellow triangle is at 12 ½. At 24FPS it appears to be f2.8. What I’m not taking into account is shutter speed. How do I figure out shutter speed in relation to f stop for this lens and camera combo? Should I be a stop above or below f2.8? Am I on the right track? Thanks! Chris
  4. John, the rooftop performance is my favorite musical moment of all time, and it's amazing you were there to capture it. What were your thoughts as to the then-new music they were performing feet away from you?
  5. That looks great! I like it. Did you use a light meter? I need to try some Tri X. I was lucky on my first roll that I correctly guessed the aperture settings, but I think that was beginner's luck.
  6. I've been learning Lightworks for the past two weeks and I'm really enjoying it. C.
  7. I've given up on the new camera after hearing rumblings of a three thousand dollar price tag. I was all in when it was 600 bucks though! Chris
  8. I too have come into the Super 8 world at the peak of cost, but it is forcing me to storyboard everything I want to do, unlike when I was shooting with my Canon HV40 - I would shoot endless amounts of footage and go through it later. The one thing I wasn't counting on was the digitization formats. I have an old Windows computer with Sony Vegas Pro 8 and it appears unable to handle the file of my first test roll. Looking at new computers is making my head spin. Chris
  9. I had to do some soul searching before getting into Super 8 due to the high prices of everything. And now a week into it, the prices are going up. I have perfect timing!
  10. Thanks to this thread, I ordered 6 assorted rolls from store.Kodak before they raise the prices. Thanks to all. Chris
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