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  1. Hi, might be a silly question, but is it possible to buy a brand new film camera? like arri sr3 or arricam. Do they even make new ones? Another question. Do you know any reliable store\dealer who sells arri film cameras (sr3 or arricam)? Preferably in Europe. Thank you.
  2. Hi guys, I have couple questions about lighting in David Fincher's films, although you can find such lighting in tons of other films too. I'm talking about this lighting from above. First of all, what lights do you thinks he uses and what makes them so soft? Is it just soft box and diffuser or something else? And second, how do you attach lights to the ceiling? Is there any special rig that you can buy that you can attach light to? I know that sometimes its just practical light on location, but what if I actually want to attach my light to the ceiling, without using any c-stands. Thank you
  3. Thanks for answer, David. Does focus systems for film cameras differ from the ones for digital cameras? Is it possible to use Arri WCU-4 with Arricam lt?
  4. Hi guys, I've got a couple of dumb questions about film cameras, I hope you'll help me to figure it out. I know there are tons of film cameras, lets imagine I'm talking about Arricam LT. How does people maintain the focus ring or zoom ring on the film camera if camera is on the crane and you can't touch it? Is there any wireless systems for film cameras? Also, if you are a DP and you shooting handheld and you're walking/running with the subject, is it DP's job to control focus ring or he has assistant that runs all the time next to him? Also, Is there anyway to transmit on separate screen what you shoot with the film camera during production? I know, this is kinda silly questions, but I'm just new to film cameras, that's why I'm asking.
  5. Thanks for reply, this is very useful) Can you explain me why there is a 19mm BP-8 plate and 15mm, what's the difference, besides the size? And the same with SMB-2 Tilt Set
  6. Yeah I was looking for Chapman kinda dollies, I know that they only lease them, so I've been wondering if there any manufacturers that sell similar ones. Thanks guys, I think that what I was looking for))
  7. Hi, do you know any good companies that sell(not lease) dollies and cranes? Which one you would recommend? I'm from Ukraine, so I'm looking for some good manufacturer in Europe, so I could buy and easily transport it in my country.
  8. I went on arri website and It seems that there are tons of various accessories for Alexa mini. Could someone give example of things that I definitely must buy along with the camera if I plan to shoot movies? I know there are different things for different purposes, but anyway)
  9. Okay, thank you, that was very helpful. I was wondering, does Kodak Vision 3 suitable for 16mm cameras?
  10. Also, do you know if there any labs that push process films?
  11. Hi David, thanks for the reply and for book advise, I already order it) Yes I guess promist type filters gives effect that I'm looking for. I read somewhere that Doyle also used black promist filters. What's the difference between them? And there is also warm promist filters. I suppose 1/2 promist filter makes light softer and brighter then 1/4 and 1/8, right? I also have question about film stock. So as you said there are only few Kodak Vision 3 on the market: 500T, 250D, 200T, 50D. What the difference between them? Which one is grainer and has a look closer to the Wong Kar Wai movies. Also, what would you suggest to watch or read to get better understanding of film stocks?
  12. Hi guys, I have question about Christopher Doyle's style of cinematography. I watched several Wong Kar Wai movies and I was just fascinated with this dreamy look those movies have. Particularly Chungking Express and Fallen Angels: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAH-0GKvIrM&t=61s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10V3d2vl7Yo From IMDb pages and few interviews and documentaries I found out that, first of all, it's shot on film (obviously). He definitely used 35mm Arri camera. But I don't know which one particularly. Both films shot at 1994 and 1995, what 35mm Arri cameras were popular at that time? Also, I know he used fuji and kodak film stocks but i don't know which ones exactly and is it available to buy right know? Also, I know he used Zeiss and Cooke primes as well as Angenieux Optimo for his movie shootings, but again what series exactly? Do you think he used any special filters? I know his style is not only based on camera and lenses, its also very cool shallow lighting and camera movements. But if you can help me with some of this question I will be very grateful. I really want to know how to create this moody and dreamy images, how he makes light look so bright and soft. I just started to learn old film cameras so its very interesting topic for me, because I'm thinking to buy one in the near future. Here is also interesting old documentary with him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDMRB5cCrzY
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