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  1. Boris and other members, I'm working on solving a similar problem for a project I’m working on. I’ll share my findings.
  2. Hi BJ, I'm interested in the Zeus’s S16 Vario Sonnar 11 - 110 mm. Can you please let me know if it’s still available? thanks.
  3. Hi Rick, I’m interested in the below items from your listing. Can you please let me know the prices? Arri 416 Plus Camera Package Lots Of Aks Arri 416 Plus HS Camera Package Aaton A-Minima Package Includes: 2- Camera Bodies with AKS,Film,Lots Of Aks Cinema Lenses: Cooke 18-100mm T3 Zoom Lens Cooke 25-250mm Varotal MKIII T3.5 Zoom Lens Cooke 20-100mm Varotal Zoom Lens S16/16mm FILM LENSES: Zeiss S16 Vario 11-110mm T2.2 Zoom Lens Thanks.
  4. Hi Duncan, I’m interested to buy. Is it still available?
  5. I’m interested in the CSP, Charles. Will PM.
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