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  1. Looking forward to this, really hope they can pull it off.
  2. It's an absolute masterpiece. I have no idea what lenses were used, but Deakins did an episode of his podcast with Alexei Rodionov, the cinematographer of Come and See. I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, so I don't know what all they cover regard Come and See, but it could be worth giving it a listen to see if anything about the lenses comes up. https://teamdeakins.libsyn.com/alexei-rodionov-cinematographer
  3. I enjoyed that, thanks for posting. I always like watching skilled people work at their craft.
  4. Pro Am also has some around the same price as the Cobra Crane. I don't have any experience with them to tell you about, but could be one to look into. I'm sure there's some videos on youtube covering it. https://www.proamusa.com/collections/camera-cranes-jibs
  5. Just went on their site, and sure enough two of their stores nearby show having some Fuji film. Wow, I had no idea Walmart even sold film anymore.
  6. Orwo makes black and white 16mm and 35mm films http://www.orwona.com/b-w-motion-picture-cinematography-films/ Haven't used it before but I do have a couple rolls I bought recently to try out. There was also another company that was supposed to be working on some b&w 16mm film, but I can't remember who it was or if they have it out or not. I hate to think about Kodak getting out of film, but the truth is that they haven't been very profitable for quite a while. They do seem to be trying to get new business lines going (I saw something about them partnering with Microsoft on something, I also remember a while back them working on some chemical deals). Kodak remaining profitable is certainly good for film to continue. Also bear in mind, that Eastman Kodak that sells motion picture film is separate from Kodak Alaris that sells the photographic film, so the resurgence in film photography doesn't not necessarily portend well for the future of motion picture film (unless there's some sort of deal between them for Eastman Kodak to supply them with film, could probably find something on that by poring through Eastman Kodak's annual reports).
  7. Orwo Studios in Baton Rouge advertises that they have a 35mm lab to process and print. At least it's listed under their services page https://www.orwo.studio/#5 I don't know any details about them, nor do I know anyone that has personal experience with them, but could be something worth looking into.
  8. It's been great, I love using it. With the weight and how it's shaped/configured, handheld use took some time to get used to. It's got a good, bright viewfinder. I've used a Bolex before in the past, it's much better than what that had. That's one of the things I like about it, there's a lot of different lenses available. I have two Angenieux zooms (12-120, 12-240).
  9. It's always exciting to shoot the first roll through a camera, I've never used an NPR though. I've been experimenting with that some with my 16s. I've been surprised how little camera noise I've gotten from it. From what I've done, it seems like the angle of the microphone relative to the camera is the key factor. If it's at the appropriate angle, it seems to cut the camera noise it picks up.
  10. Thanks for sharing! I love watching old commercials. I've been noticing some popping up occasionally on facebook where someone has been showing them there.
  11. If you're looking for low cost lights, you can pick up cheap tungstens on ebay. I picked up a few Lowel tugstens on there for cheap back in the spring, they seem to work well enough for low budget stuff.
  12. Interestingly some researchers from Stanford University are arguing that the risk of dying from CV isn't much different that the risk of dying in an accident for those under 65. https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.04.05.20054361v2.full.pdf " Therefore, for the majority of countries around the world and for the majority of states and cities in the USA, the risk of death from COVID-19 this season for people <65 years old may have been even smaller than the risk of dying from a car accident during daily commute. "
  13. Have you tried opening the film gate open and turning it,and seeing if the registration pin moves? On mine, when it's not loaded, nothing else on the inside moves. Also you can use it to move the shutter a bit if it's blocking the viewfinder, so that should be moving too. I picked one up in February and love it.
  14. Would something like the presstape for the old Kodak splicers work? https://www.ebay.com/itm/SUPER-8-S8-MM-PRESSTAPES-SPLICING-TAPE-MOVIE-FILM-SPLICE-NEW-KODAK-PRESSTAPE/273769459405?hash=item3fbdee6ecd:g:i5oAAOSwXoJcah1N
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