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  1. Whitehouse sells a parts kit with the belts in it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Parts-Kit-for-Cinema-Products-Cameras-types-CP16-CP16R/293134025591?hash=item4440264377:g:1hsAAOSwV~1Zldnr
  2. No problem at all! Yeah, it is very useful and informative. Just glad to see others who are enthusiastic about film!
  3. You can tell about single perf film by serial number. Serial numbers above 76471 take single perf film. Bolexcollector.com details the different models and gives a lot of information about them, if you want to see how they differ.Bolexcollector
  4. Yeah, if this goes on much longer there will definitely be some bad effects. My day job is a temporary position. The hiring cycle starting this summer was going to be my third and probably last shot at getting a permanent job. I can't imagine there will be many positions available after this. That'll be a shame, I've really enjoyed the flexibility I've had to work on other things like film (I'd always hoped I could move more towards this at some point). That's a good point about unrest, especially when people won't be able to eat, and it's not just the unemployment aspect of it. The last 4 times I've been to a grocery store, there was absolutely no meat there. Right now it's more of a demand issue, probably some hoarding, but people are also spending more time at home. Instead of being at the office and going somewhere to eat, they work, and eat, at home. Their kids are at home eating lunch there instead of at school. Many restaurants are closed, and people aren't eating out as much as they generally do. So for a variety of reasons, people are buying more food for at home consumption than they normally would. What's going to happen if there are any supply side issues to compound this? If production at food processing plants starts to decrease because their workers start getting sick, it could get ugly.
  5. I'm not certain of anyone who sells them. A couple places that could be good for you to check with would be: http://www.filmguy.net/ ^sells some things such as bulbs, etc. not sure if they carry belts http://16mmfilmtalk.com ^forum of collectors, etc. of 16mm films. Someone on there may know a source.
  6. Offhand, I'm not sure what I'd be willing to pay for that, but something like that could be a good avenue for you to look at. I'd been looking to see what kind of off the shelf motor I could attach to it. I haven't put much thought into that. The K3 seems to be more of a budget camera, so it's something you might need to be deliberative about. There are plenty around, and I'm sure there would be some owners who would love a motor, but it seems like the budget aspects would need to be right for it to be viable. I agree about the lenses, something like a PL modification doesn't make sense unless you have the lenses already. There were quite a few m42 mount ones, and there's some decent m42 mount lenses you can get at a decent price that work well for what you're doing. I've since acquired an Arri 16s, so it hasn't been much of a priority for me to look at this. I have been following your other thread, and have been interested in it. I was looking at cameras for a while and was considering a CP16. They seem to have a big problem with the circuit boards going out from a battery that leaks, and had started looking into using the arduino boards to make a replacement. Anyway, I'm glad to see people looking at things like this, and doing things to keep these old cameras going.
  7. Here's an interview with Robert Richardson https://deadline.com/2019/10/once-upon-a-time-in-hollywood-cinematographer-robert-richardson-quentin-tarantino-interview-news-1202771140/#comments He didn't talk much about the black and white other than saying it was shot on black and white film. From this, it sounds like they didn't end up using the super 8 part, and used what they shot on 16mm instead. Also sounds like they had some issues at the lab.
  8. I'm not sure if they have it, but I've before come across the site below that does have a bunch of old camera manuals. Maybe they'll have something for your camera? Good luck with it, would be good to see it back in operation. https://www.butkus.org/chinon/index.html
  9. I've got one laying around I've thought of tinkering with. It doesn't seem like it would be worth doing a lot without at least putting an electronic motor on it. The one I have was running fast, I piddled with the governor and got it slowed, but I think the spring is starting to go as well, so trying something with a motor is something I've thought of. I came across this picture a while back where someone was modding a K1. I'd be curious to see how it worked out. http://owyheesound.com/krasnogorsk.php
  10. Looks really nice. Has a tone that fits well with the aging aspect of it.
  11. To add to the post above, they also have a calculator online if you don't have a phone that uses apps https://www.kodak.com/us/en/motion/tools/film_calculator/default.htm
  12. In general I like a good story to go with it, but I could understand how there could be songs where that doesn't really fit. As far as the flashy things, they're okay when done in moderation. The problem is, that they usually seem to end up being a crutch, and it ends up being like what Hitchcock described as "just pictures of people talking." That's why I've always really enjoyed Aki Kaurismaki's work, he's done some good visual storytelling. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AY_xjLlCws https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DoxWBZ8ekI
  13. I don't post on here much, but I've certainly found a lot of helpful information on here. This site is a much better place to post at as a female than many other places. A lot are certainly much worse. It's not as anonymous here, I suspect that plays a large role in that.
  14. I do a lot of statistical analysis at my day job, and it always aggravates me to see people make claims about the percent of people meeting some criterion being disproportionate while not accounting for the composition of the population they are trying to discuss (I'm not disagreeing with you). I was curious and had a few minutes while my lunch was cooking to do a quick look. I went to the list of Oscar eligible films from 2019 on IMDB (link below), which lists 341 eligible films. I drew a random sample giving each film a 20% chance of being drawn, but which will not necessarily provide a sample of 20% (when we talk about things like probabilities, we're talking over a large number of instances). This resulted in a sample of 60 movies. I looked to see who was listed under cinematography for each one. Five of them listed a female solely, while two listed 4-5 with 1 female in the group. There were several films for which this information was not listed. That's a marginally higher rate than the 5% listed in the article, but given the sample size, I seriously doubt it's a statistical difference. This isn't a perfect look at things, but it doesn't appear the 5% is that far off based on this . (https://www.imdb.com/list/ls093754362/?st_dt=&mode=detail&page=1)
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