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  1. Hello, I've got an Aaton minima I am looking to get some s16 prime lenses. Let me know your price Jim
  2. Anyone have a Rex model they would like to part with this summer? Jim
  3. Hello, A good friend of mine recently gave me a Bolex Supreme to test out with some handheld shots. I have to say, I really like the feel of the Bolex and it's simplicity. Granted, it's loud and can only shoot for 27 seconds, but it certainly has it's advantages. The lightweight, easy loading, and no batteries makes it ideal for a couple road trips I'm taking this summer. Which brings me to finding a good price. I would like to find a solid Rex model with a few prime lenses, or a good zoom lense. Looking on Ebay I saw a few recently serviced Rex 1 models for $800. The Rex 5 then jumps to $2000, no lenses for either. Is the Rex 5 really worth a $1200 increase? Right now, I'm really just trying to gauge what a good solid deal would be. Anyone buy a Rex model within the last couple years? Any replies are appreciated! Jim
  4. Unfortunately,it was never developed. I talked to the lab, when they saw the film, and the damage it sustained, they didn't want to put it into their equipment. I talked to the lab today, it's not looking too good. I'm still trying to figure out if someone can look at a picture of the film, and determine if it is indeed 250d. Proving it's 250d would be concrete proof that it is not mine. Thanks everyone for all your replies so far.
  5. Brandon, I didn't take the film in a changing bag since I was told it was completely ruined, and it is. I could see scratches every other foot as well as rips. Also, it was stapled back together. I'm definitely sure it's not mine. So far my experiences have been great with cinelab and with Rob houlahan. Hopefully, I'll heat from him today. I'd think he would make good on a mistake, honestly. Thanks for all your replies.
  6. Would you be able to tell by pictures if the film is 50d or 250d? If I can prove this film is in gact 250d, that would be proof it's not mine. Jim
  7. I have an update on the situation! I just noticed on the packaging for the damaged roll it says 250d, mine was 50d. Also, I saw that halfway through the roll it had ripped apart and been stapled back together. I'm assuming when we were running the camera, if our film split in half,it would have been very clear at that time, that something was wrong. The camera was running perfectly and quietly the whole time, which is why I was so baffled when the film arrived today. I'm starting to think my roll got mixed up with somebody else's at the lab. Jim
  8. Hello everyone, Like a lot of filmmakers, I was greatly dissapointed when my film came back from the lab. One of the 100ft roll 50d rolls was labeled "rejected. Roll heavily damaged. Broke perfs and rips." I'm really baffled considering the previous 6 rolls I sent in came back perfectly fine. One of those rolls was another 50d with this recent order, the other rolls were black and white neg. I really hope it's not my sr2 which is past it's 6 month warranty. I'm waiting to hear back from the lab. I'll post a few pictures. Any help is greatly appreciated. Jim
  9. Hello film lovers, Bare with me as I'm new to film. I was wandering if I could use a empty daylight spool in the take up side of my magazine instead of my adapter? It would make unloading and putting the film back in the original packaging much easier. I've shot one spool and unloaded it in total darkness, but now my adapter is in the original packaging with the film. I'm. Hoping to avoid that in the future. Any help is greatly appreciated! I'll post a couple pictures of the spool in the magazine, and the original adapter. Cheers Jim
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