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  1. @Dom Jaegerthank you for the response! I will get in touch with a technician close to me, once he is back from his holidays 😉 it feels like there might be a slight tight spot but since I have never paid that much attention to it when turning the knob, I am not sure if it is a significant change. Since the camera didn't take a hit or was handled inappropriately, I could imagine it either to be a tiny part of film or, as you are saying, something slowly starting to get loose.
  2. After a project last weekend, a more or less rhythmic clicking noise appeared in the front part of my Arri sr3 camera in all speeds (obviously it is slower in 5fps and super fast and loud with 75fps). It appears with and without a mag attached. After some research, I assume a small part of film that ripped of the film might be stuck in the movement and creates that sound. Does anyone know if it is safe to remove the back plate holding the gate. The screws look pretty unused to me and I don't know if there are any tolerances etc. I have to mind when putting it back together.
  3. This sounds interesting. Tragic how hard it is to find fuji stock these days. What price am I looking at per roll?
  4. Hey, I am interested in the 12mm. Could you send me some pictures of the front and back lens? I couldn‘t see on the image if the scale is in ft or m? My mail is: mail@moritzmoessinger.coml
  5. Same goes for me, please send to mail@moritzmoessinger.com
  6. Hey, thank you for the help! You are right, I completely forgot about the fact that a doubler should do the trick (with the perks of loosing light etc.). Since I am aiming for a wide-angle zoom, I will have to test if an extender still gives me enough field of view. Otherwise I will have to search for some Panavision zooms to test.
  7. thank you for the help! do you know if an ARRI WCU4 does the trick as well. I guess if the programmable speed is precise, I should be able to set a min- and max point as well as a slow ramp and just press the zoom knob to the maximum right? Since the time for post is limited, I am concerned if the zooms don't match up completely.
  8. I am currently doing research on available lenses for the Mini LF and can't seem to find any suitable vintage zoom lens, that covers the diameter of the LF Sensor. Does anyone have an idea or already testest vintage zooms on the camera? Thanks for your help!
  9. I am currently prepping for a new project which basically asks for a precise zoom on different locations to be able to seamlessly match-cut in between the shots. Does anyone know if the WCU4 Zoom /Speed is precise enough or is there a better Lens-Control system which is able to do a simple zoom with a set speed that can be triggered remotely? Thank you for your help!
  10. I'm interested in the Zeiss Super Speed 12mm since mine recently got damaged when rented out to a shoot. Please DM if it is still available.
  11. I am interested as well. The item disappeared on eBay and I was wondering if you already sold it! My contact is: mail@moritzmoessinger.com
  12. Hey, I've been looking for a 435 package for some time now and would be interested in seeing some pics as well as a list of the gear included. Are both cameras 4perf or 3perf?
  13. Thanks for your response. As far as I understand the description on the AZ page, they recommend the non IVS option as well, since it is supposed to be flicker free in comparison to the IVS conversion. Luckily, I own the non IVS top and are not sure if the VP has any disadvantage compared to the more expensive AZ camera.
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