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  1. You don't need a dark room - Buy a film changing bag. In L.A go to Freestyle photo or filmtools. You can even get them on Amazon.
  2. Reviving this older thread. I'm learning optical printing and I have questions about fading in a title with drop shadow over live action. I gave myself a learning assignment and I'm hitting a wall. My test starts with a clock wipe transition revealing the live action, then a title fades-in (with a drop shadow) and the live action turns into a double printed slo-mo, and at the end everything fades out. I have created: - Hand animated clock dissolve (18frames) on 5363 high con - Hold out matte of title plus its shadow on 5363 high con - Female matte of title only (b
  3. I found 6.. http://colorlab.com/contacts.html http://www.cinelab.com/ https://www.fotokem.com/#/ https://www.spectrafilmandvideo.com/Lab.html https://www.kodak.com/en/motion/page/kodak-film-labs Kodak = 2 Labs in USA
  4. There's a 16mm Moviola on craigslist (in L.A) that looks to be pretty clean. Might be cheaper than renting. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/pho/d/los-angeles-16mm-upright-moviola/7277909016.html
  5. If you require a 2K scan and shooting Super 16 you you could shoot a 4x3 chart at the beginning of your roll and tell the scanning operator to punch in and frame his scanner to your chart so you get 2048x1536. Or you can just tell them to frame full height right in the middle of your S16 frame but human error could crop the wrong way.. That's assuming you will see those frame-lines in your viewfinder for framing. This way you would get a 1:1 capture. Or you can get 4K scan but if you're requirements are 2K you're going to pay extra for 4K and get a sub 4K result in the end. You can also
  6. What is difficult is to make a scanner that can actually make high quality scans on par with commercial machines. You need to figure out a flat even light source(RGB lamp system hopefully), camera triggering and synchronization, create software for light and drive controls, find a great copy lens etc. Then when you start seeing images you have to find solution for dense negatives, dusty scans, steadiness, multi formats 16/35 and a lot more stuff you didn't think about. It is difficult but VERY rewarding when you get it right. And it's expensive to make great scans. There's a rea
  7. The Arriscan should give you a nice log transfer of your negative so you can adjust everything you need in your grade.
  8. I have a couple printer projectors mainly used for scanning but I have a special one with camera and all ready for opticals. Going to start with basic stuff and go from there. I'll post tests here if i get to process some file with the tank 🙂 It's printing now I will see tomorrow am.
  9. Thanks Chris for the super detailed explanation ! I printed the retainer this afternoon and started the spiral, I think I'm printing it the way you explained. See picture. My printer is pretty tuned in so let's see how this one goes. Hoping this will work - I can really use this because I'm about to do some optical printing and I don't want to have to go back and forth with the lab for my initial tests. I have some QWD Ecn-2 kits I can put to good use. https://quietweredreaming.com/product
  10. Thanks for sharing this this is awesome - any tips on printing the spiral - there's a lot of overhang underneath what do you do for supports? I use Cura.
  11. Looks like a very small vertical scratch on the negative. I would scratch test the mags.
  12. Personally I would not touch the grain, I skimmed through your film, looks beautiful! But if you really want to tone it down, Neat Video works great. Never had good results with Resolve probably because I don't know how to use its denoising feature correctly.., Neat Video is easy, and you get great results. Never used it on film footage though, only on video to remove the digital noise so I can add film grain in post.
  13. Can't help with iMovie - but I would suggest installing Davinci Resolve, it's free and you can do everything in there including resizing clips to any aspect ratios.
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