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  1. Beautiful! - I love the look of Ektachrome. Makes me want to go canoeing 🙂 Also wanted to thank you for recommending thenegative.space, you saved me a LOT of money and I can't recommend their service enough. Super efficient and pro - I'll be recommending their service from now on.
  2. Can you post examples? And if you don't have any examples on hand, shoot some film and have it scanned by Robert on his Xena and LG - a third scanner like the Scanity HDR would be helpful as well for comparing the results. Share your tests here so we can look into what you're talking about. There might be a simpler reason why LG is not getting back to you. You might "feel" that you are correct but without anything to back it up it's not worth much. Edit: Also get a DSLR scan of the same film, you said they had wider color gamut.
  3. Exactly. It's also used in medicine as a radiographic contrast agent. Mixed in water, patient drinks the mixture and it helps the contrast on Xrays in the GI tract. https://www.mayoclinic.org/drugs-supplements/barium-sulfate-oral-route/side-effects/drg-20062255?p=1
  4. Here's the integrating sphere I designed for my scanner with 4x RGB chips. Sphere coated with titanium white + barium. Look into it at your own risk 🙂
  5. I have a very unorthodox technique when I take the wet film and prep it for drying.. and would not advertise it here because I fear the snarky comments. My scanner has 4 PTRs in film path maybe that helps. edit: just to be clear, no cleaning after drying.
  6. Just to set the record straight. I hand processed this recently - I was testing a m42 to CP adapter, the flicker is because of the adapter reflecting - not the hand processing. It does have a hand processed look and some dust but in capable hands, the CP16 doesn't scratch film, hand processing doesn't either when you're careful. (an updated anodized black adapter works great btw.) EDIT: Actually don't necessarily need "capable hands", I was a newbie when I got my CP and haven't had scratched film yet. pass: hp I'd say so.
  7. I got my CP on May 15, 2021 and ran many many rolls through it since then, a lot hand processed film too - and the camera never scratched film.
  8. I bought it on eBay for 800$ with a belt kit (there are some on ebay from time to time or you can get it directly from Ken Hale) , then got my zoom, m42 adapter, additional VF etc..
  9. Love my CP16R - just installed a tap on it. They're not so expensive and pretty quiet depending on the mag you use, there's 2 styles: "Mitchell" and "PLC-4" made by Cinema Products, in my experience the CP mags are quieter. I use an Angenieux 9.5-57mm zoom and also a M42 adapter to mount 35mm still lenses using the original CP mount. Also got a Angenieux orientable viewfinder. Ken Hale still sell batteries(couple other camera stores as well) and new belt kits. Having opened the camera several times - it's not so complex. I don't regret buying it one bit - only positive things. Bought it when film camera prices were getting really expensive and an AATON was out of my budget. Loading is a little tedious but once you get the hang of it it's super fast. Visual Products can install a PL mount to it but been happy with my zoom/m42 adapter combo.
  10. What you're looking for is "Flange distance". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flange_focal_distance this wiki page says 44mm but you should double check that elsewhere.. you know wikipedia 🙂
  11. That's way too much stupidity to go through, better to leave it at that and not put more wood on the fire.. REALLY not interested in getting a schooling on how critical focus is achieved by looking at the perfs. As the saying goes, "It's difficult to win an argument against a genius, but impossible against an idiot."
  12. Very impressive for an automated tool! I recently did this manually and it was a lot of channel pushing to get the colors back, the source was really faded. See the attached screenshots. Just ignore him - there's a "ignore user" feature where you can block his posts. I've got a couple people on that list. He's just trolling you, obviously he's completely out of his element - no need to deal with that. Thanks for showing the example!
  13. Dan's posts are from a hobbyists point of view, they have very little relation to real world professional film scanning / restoration work - yet he thinks he's in a position to "school" @Perry Paolantonio about film scanners and film handling. It's mesmerizing that trolling exist in such a niche community. Too much misinformation and guesses being shared here and on other forums, it makes professional people run away. Dan is not alone unfortunately. Be careful who you take advice from - especially when it involves delicate film elements and expensive equipment meant to be operated by skilled professionals.
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