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  1. Another trick is to bring a DSLR to check exposure and get a visual. Set ISO to film ASA and match the stop on the lenses. I do that sometimes AFTER metering with my light meter just to give a little re-assurance when I'm not feeling 100% in some environments. You should shoot a test roll in this location and take a lot of notes. During this test you can also bring your DSLR and shoot digital references at the same time to see if you can rely on it after you get the scan.
  2. I did 2 slitscan logos for projects recently. You will need a motion control and a precise way to trigger your SLR for every frame (long exposure). These 2 logos were done using a Canon 5DMKII. Next step is using a film camera and go the whole way 🙂 Exposure time was 15sec for each frame in both examples. Password: slitscan And this one, the logo is at the end. No computer generated elements in this - all practical. Computer used for compositing only.
  3. I'm getting back to designing / 3D printing during the lockdown. Made this little guide that I epoxied on scissors to help me cut film in the changing bag. I could never do a straight cut and it was slowing me down while loading my Aaton 35III mags. Works great and will also be useful when loading still film too.
  4. What about the labs? There's so little of them, I hope they're going to be ok. I hope Fotokem is not going anywhere soon.
  5. Yes there's a standard def tap attached to the camera, it's very easy to remove. The camera is a SONY XC-77 black and white. 2/3rd sensor size. here's a doc on it: http://www.ccdworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/xc-77-Brochure.pdf
  6. Totally understood - In your opinion, could this be adapted to the 35III ? If so i'm in as well
  7. Very nice - curious about the camera you are using for your tap.
  8. Yes we’ve all seen his controlled test.. nice demo. The point is, in real life, when it’s not controlled, can his proprietary algorithms faithfully emulate film? I don’t think so. Knives Out doesn’t look like it was shot on film, and he used his algorithms on it. Even Rian Johnson gushed about it, here’s the clip https://youtu.be/69GjaVWeGQM?t=1313 So I guess to faithfully emulate film on a digital show you need to shoot film side by side? That’s actually not a bad idea, hire a still photographer that shoots film reference for all setups and spend the money matching in post. ..or just shoot on film.
  9. I recommend the Spectra IV Cine. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/245894-REG/Spectra_Cine_18002AB_Professional_IV_A_P_2000EL_A_Digital.html/?ap=y&ap=y&smp=y&smp=y&lsft=BI%3A514&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIosSt8pSU6AIVT9bACh2bxgWfEAQYASABEgIXi_D_BwE
  10. NAB 2020 is cancelled. https://nabshow.com/2020/attend/onsite-services/coronavirus-update-and-resources/
  11. I'm in L.A and I go to movies a lot, it's astonishing to see how careless people are in movie theaters and public places. People sniffle, cough left and right without covering their mouths. After peeing or number two'ing - most people only rinse their hands with water, some with soap for 2 seconds and a lot of people just skip all together and just bolt out of the restroom. Last Thursday I went to Simsy in Burbank after a Fotokem run and the waitress literally could not breath from her mouth, sweating and wiping her dripping nose on her shoulder while typing on the iPad register. (which was being used by all other waiters, waitresses). These people most probably don't have the Coronavirus but it shows complete carelessness about the situation. I can sympathize with the waitress though(or any people who work in public), she needs to pay her bills and she probably can't afford to stay home. It's pretty nasty though. I have yet to see people washing their hands properly in public places - If people want to go to NAB, or go on airplanes - go for it! Just be aware that most people only think about themselves and have no regard for you or your families. It's only a bad Flu some people say, well I don't want to get THAT flu so no NAB for me. If only people would follow the basic recommendations we would be in a better place, unfortunately people don't give a sh&t and buy all the toilet paper and hand sanitizer they can get their hands on. good stuff!
  12. I'm looking to upgrade my scanner's camera and based on this discussion, the Sony Pregius IMX253 seems to be a good choice for 4K. I see that multiple machine vision manufacturer are using the IMX253 in their cameras (Imperx, Flir etc.. ) and I'm not sure which one would be the easiest to integrate to my system. Would the FLIR version be a good choice? this one: https://www.flir.com/products/oryx-10gige/?model=ORX-10G-123S6C-C How much coding is needed to start capturing images with a machine vision camera like this?
  13. http://www.jinnimag.com/index.html
  14. His demo looks impressive but it's really just a shot matching demo and it's not too hard if you have both 35mm and digital footage side by side, especially if you're the one who shot both. Would be interesting to see a test with a different person shooting the 35mm and he shoots the digital version of a scene. Then have him put his secret sauce but without having him look at the film reference.. just his sauce. I would also suggest more challenging scenes this time with some colors, some mixed color temperatures and a night setup where you see car headlights / brake lights. Then we we could really see what the secret sauce can do.
  15. I don't know about Fotokem having Imagicas but they scanned a project for me last year in 4K on Scanity . They saved me quite a bit of money by splicing / prepping together a couple rolls. They charged by the hour not footage count and my job was under 1 hour and didn't have to pay for the full hour. Only the time needed for scan and data transfer. The scans were really really nice.
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