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  1. Nevermind, household bulbs don’t have a power supply, in layman terms, they basically mimic incandescent bulbs so they all(the dimmable ones) should work with the Variac, and indeed I tested some of my other house hold led bulbs succefully.
  2. Guess what I just found out? These work with a Variac! That’s crazy, looks like GE did something, it also works with my satco LEDs, but not with the film specific ones like the astera nyx. Will have to ask a family member who is an electrical engineer to explain, I’m a different kind of engineer unfortunately, really curious
  3. To know more about what Mullen is talking about, I recommend you read up on why the sun rays that hit earth are parallel, once you have that, everything else is kindergarten. here is a wiki article: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanbury_Brown_and_Twiss_effect And here is a physics stack exchange explanation: https://physics.stackexchange.com/questions/155075/what-makes-suns-light-travel-as-parallel-beams-towards-earth
  4. Ok I’ll give you a straight answer instead of yapping around: Aputure 600D should do it. If you have a money tree, One of: Arri M18 Joker 800/1600 Dedolight PB70
  5. Yes, you lead me to my experiment, pulling it back a bit worked, but aligning it like that is tough. This lead me to look at pics of other jolekos online and saw a difference. Thanks
  6. Turns out they sent me the wrong ring adapter, this one doesn’t have stoppers so the old joker slides into the ring further than it should. I did a test and pulled it out a little and bam, no hotspot! Waiting on a new ring adapter
  7. Tried and had the lamp in dead center, I think that’s just how it is with joleko, unless someone can confirm I’m wrong about it.
  8. I was wondering if it is normal. I’m gonna re-assemble it, and try different lamps and keep that in mind. But I think it was set all the way.
  9. I have an 800w joleko, recently did the conversion for the first time and my 50 degree lens has a hot spot, I also have a newer EDLT lens 36 degree and also has a very apparent hotspot, is this just the norm? I’m very disappointed if this is the case, was hoping for a more even beam. Yes, I have the Bug A Beam adapter with the extension.
  10. The beam angle is narrower yes. I also have a 36 inch ring with regular bulbs and it just spills light all around, I prefer these. Lens is the same
  11. I have a few deakins ring lights I built (with a CNC machine) and finally found some bulbs that are competitive. Has anyone used these? hidden gem, thought I’d share this article by Kenny McMillan, he does a very thorough test of several bulbs, check out the results of the GE ones https://www.provideocoalition.com/evaluating-household-bulbs-for-cinema-use/amp/
  12. Yeah, after changing the lamp to the Koto it was silent. The ballast does have that high pitch but the head is now silent. I picked up the Osram at k5600 in Burbank and they told me that sometimes it could in fact be the lamp. They said sometimes you can end up getting one from a bad batch. They also said they prefer the Kotos. I’ll stick to that. I got this joker used for 2k on Craigslist. Turning it into a permanent jo-leko 🙂
  13. Tried with the Koto 800w lamp and the noise is basically gone, lamps seem to make a difference I guess, same thing was said by the people at k5600. Koto is what the president there recommended, BIG difference.
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