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  1. Sounds like my twin 🙂 Not permitted to block the street off, so I think this is probably a non-starter.
  2. I'm working with a director who asked about wetting down a street for night scenes. We're using a relatively small patch of street, but this is not something I've ever done before or seen done in person. So is it practical for a tiny, no-budget shoot? Does it require a fire truck? Or a few buckets of water?
  3. I use the Falconeyes LED mat lights for travel shoots, and while they're generally great, the connector that hooks up the controller to the panel itself is garbage and I'd like to replace it with something better. 4-pin XLR is out since that's how the power supply connects to the controller, and that seems like a recipe for blowing things up. Are there any other 4-pin connectors I could use for this purpose? I guess I could use 5-pin XLR (and leave one unconnected) or 4-pin mini XLR...?
  4. Related: just saw Long Shot and noticed how often the colorist had clearly done a power window to lift up Charlize Theron's eye sockets. So clearly the answer is..... fix it in post!
  5. Does the Gemini have quite the output of the S60 though?
  6. Looking to pick up a 3rd gen Teradek Bolt 500 transmitter plus a couple of receivers. If anyone is selling theirs, let me know. not interested in any other makes/earlier Bolt models - Bolt gen 3 only. Thanks
  7. It's under 15 seconds! *as long as you've previously calculated exactly what values to change your pivot and contrast to. Next up I'll show you how to create a 15-node grade with secondaries, complex curves and layer nodes in just 2 seconds! *by copying the grade from this other clip I just spend 20-minutes grading
  8. I don't know man, I know the whole RGBWW thing is new and exciting and maybe for music videos the color range is useful, but for commercials and corporate stuff I would just ask yourself: really how often do you need something outside of 3200 - 6000 and how often does that source need to be S60 output levels? Would you be much better off spending way less on a Titan tube or two so you *have* a couple of RGBWW options for when you need them, but spend your main budget on Litemats or Aladdins or other non-RGB options.
  9. Interested to hear ppl's thoughts on best practice when renting from different rental houses for the same project. Do you wait until you have everything in hand and then prep everything in one spot, or prep camera package at that rental house, then go to the next and prep lenses there, etc.
  10. Couple mattebox questions for you all: A lot of the rota-polas available say "not compatible with RedRockMicro and Tilta" matteboxes... what's that about? Do these two brands just use different size filter trays? And secondly, is there any best practice for the order of different types of filter in the mattebox (ND, diffusion, polarizer, etc) - should any particular types go in front of or behind other particular types? thanks!
  11. Hey everyone, Have searched the internet far and wide for this info but hoping someone here knows the answer. I have a 1960 H16 REX which I've been using for a while with the hand-wound spring motor. I picked up an electric motor on ebay and am struggling a little to figure out how to install it. The electric motor's mounting screws line up perfectly with a mounting point to the left of the fps selector, and the center of the spring motor's hand winder. Which would imply that I need to remove the hand-winder to install the motor. Is this indeed the case and does anyone have any instructions for the steps to uninstall said hand-winder so I can install the motor? Thanks Tom
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