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  1. Does anyone know of any research of how projected film and its inherent dark "frames" affect our perception of the story? I heard murch talking a bit about it but havent been able to find anything... (If clarification is necessary : Double shutter required to project 24 fps film thus our brains through persistence of vision do not include, but are subjected to moments of darkness)
  2. Will shooting at a higher fps knowing that you will print/dcp in 24 give you any advantages?
  3. With special detail on the color correcting and final print stages (If possible) Thanks a lot! I think this will be a very interesting conversation!
  4. Hello, Hopefully an interesting question and not pure amateur hour ! More art less matter than the title: Can I achieve the feel and look of native 35mm when shooting on super16 (to blow up) ? Ideally a three part answer: A) Yes or no B) The inherent limits of s16 to 35 vs native 35 C) Bringing out the cook book with the old recipes of how different cameras, lenses, stock etc will produce such an effect and from there to infinity and beyond! As always thank you for your time! You are a treasure trove!
  5. Hey! Impossible, BUT, still available?? Thanks, Chy
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