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  1. Also it was lit using Astera Tubes and 1 Litemat Gemini for the interior stuff, and the exterior is all natural light.
  2. Hi there! This is my first music video as a working DP in LA and I'd love for your feedback. This was a 2 day micro--budget production shot on an Alexa Classic with Vintage Russian 'faux anamorphic' glass. I had to operate and pull my own focus which made some shots challenging at times.
  3. Thank you David! Big fan of Maisel, by the way. Your work is wonderful.
  4. Thank you for your thoughtful response! This helped immensely.
  5. Hey guys! Trying to pull off a practical effect where the lead singer in a band I'm shooting is lipsyncing the song at normal speed, while things in the backgronud (ie. bottle being throwing against a wall and smashing) happen in slo-motion. Is it really as simple as just having the lead singer sing the song twice as fast and film in 48fps? Thanks!
  6. Hey all, I was wondering if any of you had some reading recommendations for growing DPs. Doesn’t necessarily have to be purely technical; I love some good theory/personal stories too. Books, magazines, helpful blogs, etc. are all welcomed! Thanks.
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