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  1. Be careful with the 7dii. I had one and it overheated and destroyed the sensor during a video shoot a couple of summers ago. I can't remember how hot it was, but I didn't think it'd be hot enough to destroy the camera. I was shooting high frame rate when it happened.
  2. I saw this a while ago on YouTube. There may be some tips/tricks in it that you could use.
  3. Often over-looked, I keep a small flash light, a multitool, a small led light panel, and some lens wipes (a blower or micro cloth would suffice).
  4. Hi David! Is there a link you can provide to the article you're talking about? I did a Google search and it provided a lot of different links to articles written by other people, but I didn't see one written by Gregg himself. I'm interested in reading it. Thanks!
  5. Thank you David!! This was very helpful, especially, "A lot of it came down to memory and re-reading things, repetition"; because sometimes I feel guilty about re-reading things that I already know, during the reading I be feeling like I should be reading/learning about something new. What you said put it all into perspective.
  6. Thank you David, I'll be looking forward to it!
  7. Yes, I know. But as I stated "other dp's can chime in also". There my be other ppl with the same questions, we can all learn from David as he have a wealth of knowledge that he don't mind sharing. I didn't want this to be private, hence the reason I asked publicly.
  8. Hi David! I've read just about every page of Ask David Mullen Anything on reduser. I would have asked these questions there, but for some reason my membership hadn't been accepted yet (after creating an account about a yr ago). If I missed these q&a's on there I apologize. My questions are: when you study other cinematographers, how exactly do you study them? When you're looking at their work, what are the things you're looking for and paying close attention to? How do you do a film analysis of their work? Do you take notes? If so, what kind of things are you writing down? If you have questions about something, how do you get those questions answered? And if you have questions about something, generally, what are those questions? I know this is a lot that I'm asking but I'm trying to get a deeper understanding (and a different/new approach) on how to study the works of my favorite cinematographers, and just break down some of my favorite movies in general. I already look at a ton of bts and buy dvds and blurays that offer bts. Other DP's are welcome to chime in also. Thanks!
  9. I usually agree with Tyler, but idk about agreeing with him on saying canon c series isn't good for docs. All of the Oscar nominated docs for 2019 was shot on c series cameras. I think they're more than capable of shooting docs. https://www.cinema5d.com/oscars-2019-all-nominated-documentaries-shot-on-canon-cameras/
  10. You can use dedolights (dimmed w/ snoots attached) and specifically direct the beams of lights into the eyes. A similar trick was used on The Addams Family whenever they showed the momma witch. I can't say for sure exactly which lights were used, and I believe I read they used barndoors just to get a steak of light across the eyes. I tried to upload a file, but every file was too big. You can Google and see screenshots of her.
  11. I was reading this interview:" https://mattmulcahey.wordpress.com/2014/09/22/deep-fried-interview-the-one-i-love-cinematographer-doug-emmett/ " and in it he made this statement: Did your choice of the Red Epic as your camera spring from budgetary considerations or did you need the camera’s 5K capability for the effects work? Steven Soderbergh had just retired and he donated two Epic cameras to our shoot. He has his own Epics that have his name laser-engraved on the side of them. We were really geeking out over those cameras. They were the cameras he used over the last couple of years to shoot his films so we knew what movies had been shot on them. So this makes me wonder, do he really use an iPhone to make his movies or is it just a marketing thing?
  12. I believe you can create dcps with resolve. Resolve is free, albeit I'm not sure if the free version offer dcp export..something to look into tho, if you wanna save some money.
  13. There's several tutorials on YouTube that shows how to create dcp's. You may find one that can help you save some money.
  14. Good topic. I've always wondered what's substance is used when actors sniff a line of powder? And do they really sniff it or is there some type of vacuum prop that's used as the straw? I think I've read somewhere before that they use petroleum jelly inside the straw, but I've never read what substance is used. But I don't what the legitimacy of that is. Anyone have any idea?
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