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  1. Hi Rick, I'm still interested in the Canon 8-64mm S16 T2.4 Zoom Lens or a nice S16 Primes Lens Set Thank you in advance Bests Nau
  2. Hello, I'm selling the original on board batteries for Arriflex SR3: 3x NC 24v 2Ah On Board Batteries (Re-Celled) ARRI On Board Battery Charger Piggyback On Board Battery Adapter They work perfectly, I sell them cheap because I don't need them anymore. It cost me about 250 euros to change the components, now they are more powerful than they originally were With these ones you can flight wherever you want since they are not lithium I wait for offers, shipping worldwide from Madrid 🙂
  3. Hey! You can text me here; nauzetgaspar@gmail.com
  4. Hey guys, I'm Nauzet, a cinematographer from Madrid, Spain. If you're looking for a SR3 in good condition I have one for sale, please see my equipment list attached; ARRIFLEX 16SR3 HS Adv Body ARRI FE-2 Extension Viewfinder 3x HS Magazines 400ft (122m) Harrison Small Changing Bag 3x On Board 24v 2Ah Batteries (Genuine Rebuilt) On Board ARRI Battery Charger Custom 2Pin Fischer to 3Pin XLR 15 meters 24v Power Cable Custom 12V 11Pin Fischer to Dtap Splitter (Accessories Power Cable) ARRI BP-6 15mm Lightweight Support Set Tilta TT-H04 Handles + Spacers Integrated Video Assist PAL Version AJA V2Digital Converter TVLogic VFM-056WP Monitor Carl Zeiss 11-110mm T2 PL Lens Century Series 2000 6mm T1.9 PL Lens Mattebox Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom (Inc 114-87mm Adapter) TIFFEN 4x4 (Inc 85, 85N3, 85N6, 85N9) Filter Kit Peli Air Case 1607 with Custom Foam Genuine Barney Please let me know if you're interested or you have any questions, I can send you some pictures if you'd like. You can also check here some of my work that have been mostly filmed with this camera; https://vimeo.com/nauzetgaspar Thank you! Nau
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