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  1. We have a boat load of them... Give us a call! Visual Products Inc. sales@visualproducts.com or call (440) 647-4999
  2. Hi David, Yes, that is the (vertical) parallax adjustment for the viewing screen and it has been right there through every version of the 16SR camera. The set screw is flanged from the rear and cannot extract for enough to cause film scratching. I've never seen one damage film in 37 years!
  3. Hi Seamus, Have you considered an Arri 35BL-4 package? Sync-sound and really competitively priced as compared to the Arricam or even the 235... We just recently took in Haskell Wexler's kit and it is in beautiful shape. Call in and talk to Rick for details-
  4. Hey Ben, We have many Aaton cameras with HD video assist including the 54 starting with a 7 going up to the Extera not to mention anything Arri your heart could desire. Give us a ring and let us help you explore the possibilities! Visual Products Inc. (440) 647-4999
  5. We were so saddened to hear of Bernie's passing here at Visual Products. He was an absolute shining light in our industry and somehow through the somewhat mundane day to day business of keeping our industry plodding along through camera equipment modifications and service always made us smile when we heard his cheerful Irish accent peppered with a heaping dose of good spirited humor on the other end of the phone. Our hearts and condolences go out to Julie and his entire family. He will be so very missed the rest of our days-
  6. Hi Paul,

    How are you? It's been a while. I was wondering if you know anyone out there that has a 235 4-perf movie camera for sale in the USA? I checked Visual Products they only have a 3-perf.

    Just looking for a very a basic camera body no film mags or AKS.



    1) ARRIFLEX 235 Camera Body 

    (1) Integrated Color Video Assist IVS (PAL/ NTSC)

    (1) Medium Extension Eyepiece

    (1) Riser Pad

    1. Satsuki Murashige

      Satsuki Murashige

      Rob, don’t know if you saw Alexander Boyd’s for sale listing on this forum: 


    2. Alexander Boyd

      Alexander Boyd

      Thanks for linking Satsuki. Rob has been in touch, but I only want to sell the camera as a complete package. 

  7. Hey Paul. Just bought myself an sr3 but with an old video assist PAL CEI color 5. It's so crappy all directors I worked with first said they couldn't clearly understand the picture.

    I was thinking if I should buy this video assist you mention here and install it myself? I live in Europe so can't ship camera to US but would love to start seeing what I'm doing (at least better)


    Best and hope you can help pimp my sr3 

  8. Hi Robin, Yes! It follows the foot print of the original IVS electronics module so clears the top of the DC/DC-2 module.
  9. Hello All, A couple of you had asked about side-mount cheese plates to mount accessory bits to in the shadow of where the old IVS control box mounted and availability is getting much closer... An industry professional that I was bouncing ideas off of during the development of the IVS unit had already been working on a really good cheese plate for the SR-3 and is in the manufacturing stages now. We will be offering the plate when ready for a projected retail of just under $400.00. Here's a teaser! Stay tuned & stay safe!
  10. Hi Robin, I'm glad your install went well. Did you access the "How-to" video we put together for installation or did you just crack open the box and figure it out?? Major considerations during the design process were to make this thing "Plug & play" as we will no doubt have potential buyers overseas that would rather install it themselves rather than have to ship their camera body back & forth internationally. We do recommend whenever possible that we do the installation here but again, considerations were to make installation not require an engineering degree. On the subject of a side-mounted cheese plate, Yes! In early conversations with an industry professional that we were bouncing ideas off of, it was talked about as something that could and should be done to take advantage of that now lonely side-mount dovetail to allow mounting of alternative power sources, power distribution or whatever the heart desires however in conversation it was revealed that they or an industry partner was already developing something along those lines so it was decided to give them time to develop theirs and then we would either stock some of theirs and offer to buyers or point buyers to their product. We will give them a little more time to bring their product to life but if that timeline draws out too long may go ahead with manufacturing and distribution of something of our design. Post some pictures of your camera with your new tap installed! Thanks, -Paul
  11. Shipping now!!! Here 'ya go. http://www.visualproducts.com/storeProductDetail02.asp?productID=2052&Cat=3&Cat2=46
  12. New and ready to ship! http://www.visualproducts.com/storeProductDetail01.asp?productID=727&Cat=11
  13. Here 'ya go.... http://www.visualproducts.com/storeProductDetail02.asp?productID=829&Cat=3&Cat2=46 Currently outfitting Arri & CP as well as working on Aaton...
  14. Sorry all... Bad news on most fronts! Marty Shelton is no longer around as far as I know everyone else has basically sold out of them. Birns & Sawyer used to sell them new for many years and is who we bought them through. The used ones we have seen come in for some years now are brittle and pretty much done so consider going to a 4-pin XLR conversion. These also used to be a simple mod and unfortunately have also gone the way of the dinosuar in that the right-angle 4-pin XLR connectors from Canon and Switchcraft are no longer available. Some years ago they could be purchased in large quantity and I remember having that conversation with Steve Gal at Duall Cameras in New York. He said he was considering buying them in bulk and may have... I don't know but if he did is the probably the best source for a nice 4-pin XLR mod. Otherwise figure in soldering a cable terminated in 4-pin XLR female right to the protruding pins on the back of the camera and being done with it. Good luck from all of us here at VP-
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