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  1. Hey Rick, are you willing to sell that rehoused Cooke Speed Panchro 32mm separately? I would be interested. Thanks.
  2. Hi Matthew, Is this a rehoused version? Also, have you shot anything with it? Thanks!
  3. Hi all, I am aiming to shoot my first feature film with an old rehoused Cooke Speed Panchro 32mm SII. I am trying to find one that is decently sharp. Has anyone had any experience shooting with this lens? If someone is selling one or knows where to find one, please reply this post. My email is luisenr.t@gmail.com Many thanks!
  4. Hi, I'm aiming to get one this CSP 32mm. Which series is this? Also, have you shot anything with this that you can share? Many thanks!
  5. Hi, I am interested on the Cooke Speed Panchro 32mm T2.3 SerII. I wonder if you've got anything shot with it, or any tests? Hope to be in contact.
  6. I´m also looking to get an Alexa Classic on 2020 for independant features and docs mainly. You can get them really cheap these days, the price goes from 5.5K to 7-8K complete kit. The only thing stopping me is the big tripod I will also need to get in order to use this baby, but damn the Classic is such a great camera, I´ve been using it for the last three years and hasn´t disappointed me.
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