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  1. That question certainly touched a nerve. But to circle back around; I'm building a second career but I'm old, even older than David Mullen and I need to streamline my working process. So...sticking with Vittorio's colors—using them as a way to limit the number of gels I have to order and keep track of in my head—is it a viable idea? Or would I be dooming myself to constant failure?
  2. Would limiting myself to using only the 9 or 10 Storaro gels from Rosco be a reasonable creative strategy for maximizing visual impact while streamlining the decision process? (With the exception of CTB, CTO, and CTS, of course). Are his colors versatile enough to tell every kind of story, convey every emotion? Why? I’m exhausted. Between Lee, Rosco, Apollo, and GAM there are thousands of gel colors available. But I’m old as old can be and don’t have time to learn the nuances of so many options before I’m dead. Plus, Vittorio is a much greater genius than most of us...
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