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  1. I have the Ursa G2 and have hardly used it. I prefer the look of the 4k with a Speedbooster, or the 6k. Until.....Komodo that is! (Side note - I have had no issues with Blackmagic at all and Grant Petty deserves an award for sure!). Of course ArriCam or Alexa would be ideal. I wrote to Arri recently (as I was looking at their pre-owned line up) to ask them about the Alexa Classic and whether it truly has the same sensor as every other Alexa and they confirmed that it did. That being said they did advise that shooting on any Alexa before the Mini, would be a challenge mainly with the cost and availability of recording media, and hence they advise that Mini would be ideal (more expensive I know, but I don't think they needed to upsell me). I got very detailed reply from 2 technicians there, who clearly love their work, resulting in me having (even more) respect for Arri.
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