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  1. hi, was trying the scene files onto HVX202(PAL),which I downloaded from the Panasonic website.It never worked in my cam as I found out the scene files they have given is for HVX200 model.what to do then with PAL models.Please throw some light regarding how I can get scene files for PAL models.
  2. Sin city,Three monkeys, Che, Zodiac. In fact i liked the death proof too.
  3. Hi, Look is something we achieve through the combination of lighting,sets,costumes and post.Here,what I have understood from your query,is that I would suggest you to do sufficient tests regarding how much highlights F335 can handle and all the other necessary latitude tests(black levels,saturation,color temp: etc).Once you are done with these,then you will be able to figure out the extremes at which you can blast a back light or punch in contrasty lighting and how much color can be added while shooting.Anyhow the look has to be augmented to a greater extent in the production design and costumes too.The rest you can always tweak in the post.Happy shooting... Ratheesh Ravindran.
  4. Thanks a lot David...those night sequences were awesome...! I was wondering whether he might have shot it day for night and done some corrections in DI.Its fantastic...and so surprised to know there was no DI...cool...
  5. Hi, Can anybody please tell what stocks Rodrigo Prieto used on Brokeback...?Those exterior shots looked amazing with wonderful contrast and color saturation irrespective of the DI they have done.Couldnt get hold of the old AC issue...somebody please throw some light on this...
  6. Personally, I don't use Black ProMists much. When shooting digitally, I can control the loss of black when using regular ProMists by adjusting the Black level in the camera, and thus if the camera tends to have more depth of field, I don't rsik having the black specks start to come into focus, creating a "dirty windshield effect". Plus you can tweak contrast in post color-correction. hi david, do you personally prefer to use grad. filters,if the film you are working is finally going through a D.I. process.would you prefer to add the grad. later in the post...?
  7. sometimes if this double shadow effect serves for the film script,i think one can let it go...in some cases its true that if the double shadows are too dark,it looks a little odd...
  8. awesome david...these images really looks sexy...!
  9. hi, fit photoflood lamps inside apple box.if u then want to convert into daylight,use CTB.another option is to get flourescent lamps from Osram.they have got 55W lamps.u can batch it up as 2banks ,or 4 or 6banks depending on ur need.Osram lights will be lighter for ur pocket.gel them with 1/4 minus green.
  10. I think you should punch in more light into the shaded areas with whatever reflectors and all you have.It will be absolutely fine even if you have highlights above two stops,since the stocks we use today can handle all that.A white skimmer cloth will be handy to cut out that excess sunlight,so that you can keep a moderate contrast level.All the best.
  11. Hi, There's another simple trick.Just rub some bathing soap to get a mild coating of it on all the practicals.Yes you need to spend some time in doing this,but still try this out.Believe me ,this really works out to cut that extra flare ...! All the best...! Ratheesh Ravindran.
  12. my favourite in LOTR is when gefald creates fireworks for the kids when he is riding the horse carriage(again special FX,but doesnt matter).then comes another scene from tarkovsky's stalker--the big chase,when the stalker and the team are in the jeep and they are trying to escape from the patrol on the way to the zone.for that matter stalker consists of lots of shots which are my favourites.
  13. hi, hvx is new to me.i want to know one thing.how does the image looks like when it is shot on 720/24p.is this ideal for film transfer and will the images shot on hvx remain as HD signals till the end.please throw some light on this. thanking you, expecting a reply soon, ratheesh ravindran.
  14. Hi , Can anyone throw some light on some of the editing softwares that can be used for HDV.I will be soon shooting a short fiction on Sony HDR-FX1.The final film will remain only on DVD format.Recently Iam hearing about using Adobe Premier Pro with Cineform software(Prospect HD). Another is FCP 5.Whichever mode I will be shooting,be it 24p or 50i, is it possible to remain with true HD signal till the end without any downconversions.Expecting a reply. Thanks, Ratheesh Ravindran.
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