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  1. HI If we have400 feet 16mm roll , can lab cut it into 200feet for using in AATON A MINIMA ? it must be loaded in spools for working with A MINIMA OR camera can work without spools??
  2. A new and artistic method of cinematography , for Kaminski camerawork. After Camerimage prize , it may be won ACADEMY in cinematography.
  3. My best is ..Children of men then ....... Prestige ..............The good shepherd ..............Babel
  4. common top & centric are two forms of ground glasses & gates in SUPER 35 cinematography. one (2/35 : 1) is in the top of the frame another is in the mdidle of it.
  5. which one you want to work?. 2.35 centric or common top , in s35 with DI & some VFX ,selecting S35 1,85 is useful for aperture format mask? What is your experience?....you select DIN or ANSI ?
  6. God bless you... your knowledge help us in many times,....you will be better. with the best wishes.
  7. My AC used LEICA DISTO in my last film. You must consider , it is very dangerous :ph34r: for eye
  8. Memoirs of a Gisha.....DP Beebe 3 burials........DP Menges
  9. Hi Mitch This process is not , only replacing PL mount with 3 lenses turret of IIC. 3 parts of IIC must be machined. Hi Halll I have a new PL mount with its circle surface , whitch is ready for installation. Thank you for your cooperation. My problem is : * How much we must machined these parts of IIC? -Part of handgrip near mirror. -Part of the camera near the centre of the shutter. Sending a very macro photo of your IIC with PL mount can help us ........... THANKS
  10. OH..... no at home ,but at machining shop with full of CNC, ....... My friend is ARRI authorized repairman. He help me. Its experience is very enjoyable.
  11. I want to install the PL mount for my II C , BUT I cannot sent the camera to P& S or ...... I want to know how much we must machining the parts of my IIC. My PL MOUNT with its surface is exactly fitted in with IIC. . do you have any suggestions, plans or photos for machining. thanks.....
  12. SEVEN is another good example of overlooking
  13. In changing the weather in the middle of one scene....one plan in sun another in cloud. Do you cut the shooting or you compromise with the producer or it is not important for you ? THANKS
  15. Any experiences in Day For Night shots??
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