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Found 9 results

  1. Canon EOS C700 FF Camera Canon Cinema EOS C700FF Body PL Mount Canon EVF-V70 OLED Viewfinder for C700 ARRI Pro Set 19mm ARRI VF attachment C700 VF Cable 4 Pin Power Cable 2 x Sandisk Cfast 2.0 128GB cards Lexar Cfast Reader ARRI Dovetail plate 12” Ridgid Aluminium CustF.S. Canon EOS C700 FF Camera $22K USom Case 35mm Global Shutter Sensor (Original)
  2. For Sale : Canon EOS C700 FF Camera Package. 2 Available Email sales@broadcastsolutions.com for pricing and details. Canon Cinema EOS C700FF Body PL Mount Canon EVF-V70 OLED Viewfinder for C700 ARRI Pro Set 19mm ARRI VF attachment C700 ) VF Cable Power Cable 2 x Sandisk Cfast 2.0 128GB cards Lexar Cfast Reader ARRI Dovetail plate 12” Ridgid Aluminium Custom Case
  3. Please email sales@broadcastsolutions.com for pricing and details. Canon EOS C700 FF Camera Packages Qty.-2 AvailableCanon EOS C500 EF & PL Mount Camera Packages Qty.-2 Available
  4. Canon EOS C300 EF mount Mark 1 Camera ( 230 hours) With all accessories. The kit includes : - camera body - Top handle - monitor screen ( no scratches ) - side handle - battery charger - 1 Canon battery BP-975 - 2 Roko batteries BP-955 - 1 eyepiece chamois - HD-SDI cable - 2 Flash cards Sandisk Extreme Pro 64 Gb. - 1 thumb cover ( when the side handle is unscrewed ) The camera works perfectly. Never rented. Used only on my own documentary shootings. The sensor is clean. Some few light scratches on the camera body. ( hours counter : 230 h). All plug plastic covers are here ( HDMI, SDI, ...) . Cleaned and services by Canon official dealer. Located in Europe. Can ship with UPS or Fedex. On demand. Extra charges. Ask for quotes. price : 2400 Euros + shipping taxes. Payment by bank transfer. Paypal will ask too much taxes. High definition pictures on request.
  5. Hi - I have a Titanium RED Epic DSMC Canon EOS mount for sale on eBay. I believe it is the early version. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/122600795964? Excellent condition, no scratches or dents, usual marks from normal use. Will ship within UK insured courier, elsewhere by eBay Global Shipping Program. Chris
  6. I have an k-01, And I was wondering how it compares to the eos M? Not just on the spec sheet but in practice. In case it's not obvious, I only care about using it for video. thanks.
  7. Hi all. This is my first post as a member. I'm thinking that this is the place to get some answers to a new project. I recently purchased a Baltar 75mm f2.3 lens. I'm attaching a photo, that will show you the mount. I got it at a deeply discounted price, so I thought that there are two possible options for it: 1. re-sell 2. find a way to convert/adapt the lens to be used on my Canon 5DMkII *** this is preferred, I'm a still photographer, but love old lenses I have been searching online for companies that work with old lenses, and most will clean lenses, but do not offer conversion service. But I'm assuming that I'm looking in the wrong places. So here are my questions so far, for which I have no answers: 1. what lens mount does this lens have? 2.Is there an adapter to EOS, or to another mount (M42?) that could be adapted to fit? 3. Doe this lens have the ability to focus, or is it in the camera mount? 4. I have seen this lens mounted into what looks like a Nikon 50mm f1.8 deconstructed lens. This might be interesting, but I can't find the person who is doing it, or any technical info on how to do the conversion. Any other information about would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks, -John
  8. Recently I found an article showing Angenieux 12-240mm adapted to be used on Canon 7D making it a 38mm-768mm lens on APC sensor or 24-480mm in 35mm. Would this set-up work? Angenieux 12-120mm (cameflex) > M4/3 (adapter made by Hawk) > Doubler (teleconverter) > M4/3 to Canon EOS adapter > Canon 7D.
  9. https://vimeo.com/58725919 Hi i hope you like my little funny unboxing Video :-)
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