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Found 4 results

  1. Been downsizing and cleaning up things. I finally found the lost SD card from a 2018 IR flash shoot at B&H in NYC. It got lost a short time after I shot it. As in...lost so fast I didn't have time to put it on the computer. It was Christmas time and I was out doing some street photography on a Sunday afternoon in Manhattan. It started to rain. I was in the area, so I thought I'd step into B&H to give them some infrared radiation. I spent about 20 minutes looking around. Took 109 IR flash photos then left. All candid stuff. I was in a rush to get back to Jersey City as I was leaving that night for Ohio. Being is a rush, the card got misplaced when I packed up. Glad I finally found it. My worst nightmare was finding the card after the data had degraded. You can't keep SD card data forever and not plug it is every few years to keep the data fresh. I was told they hold data for 10 years without a plug in. The longest I've gone is 5 -6 years without a plug in and data was still good on the SD card. Nothing spectacular from the shoot. But it was interesting to do and sure beats standing in the rain! Zir can also go in 'Burkas & Hijabs of New York' project. I like it when I get photos that are useful in other projects. More bang for the buck so to speak. IR flash does not go too far. It is not the best thing for long distance shots. You benefit very little from available light unless you are getting tons of it. But if you were doing staged work you could set up a bunch of IR flashes for distance. They got a room when leaving B&H for people to unbox and fondle their new gear. If it was a gun store people would want to unbox and start loading up! Still doing post work going through the photos. Lots of post work. These are all shot from the hip with zone focus and zone exposure. Consequently...lots and lots of PP! <><><><> Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archival Collection Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Small Gauge Film Archive Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Advertising Archive Daniel D. Teoli Jr. VHS Video Archive Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Popular Culture Archive Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Audio Archive Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Social Documentary Photography
  2. Good day film folks. Recently B&H had a special where they advertised a sale on the new Litepanels Gemini 2x1 bicolor LED soft panel. This is Litepanels answer to the popular but expensive Arri Skypanel. You can check out the comparisons online and I decided it would be a good choice for a more affordable price. I went for the US plug option which has a manufacturer product code 940-1301. B&H currently sells this item for $4,512.50. On their special which appears to have had ended, they sold the product for $3,194.85. Thats a huge savings. So I jumped on the chance and bought 2. I have my receipt and invoice from B&H and they both state that the product is 940-1301. I went to register the product and discovered that my lights were labeled by Litepanels as 940-1001. Has anyone else bought these lights from B&H under this special? Whats your product code? Has anyone else bought this product at the full price? And if you have, whats your product code on the back of you light? I ask because I have found that product code on other websites, namely eBay and at Texas Media Systems and on both sites they refer to the code 940-1001 as B-stock - refurbished. I have written Litepanels and expect an answer shortly about what that code means. I will update when I get that answer. Of course I also have to have words with B&H but I am doing my research first. In the meantime I am very curious if anyone else has had this experience. bless JAH
  3. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows of a shop that does repairs on a B&H Eyemo that was modified by Steve's Cine Service? I would have sent the camera to Steve for repairs, but he is retired now. Are modified Eyemo's harder to repair? Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. I check Ebay constantly for bargains for my Arri but I also check out all other 16mm and 35mm equipment. Recently I have seen a surge in sales of old B&H 70DR's with and without lenses and for very high prices in comparison to Bolex as a compatible wind and go camera. They are selling at $250 body only and higher with any kind of c-mount lens. I never would consider Bolex as being of lower quality then BH in fact I think it is far better yet Bolex H16's are going un-sold at $90 and $120. Did some movie star use one in a movie or something? I remember when Clint Eastwood came out with Dirty Harry sales of .44 Magnums went through the roof to folks that would never use one and probably were not capable of using one. Is this the same kind of thing? Anyone know something about this phenomena?
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