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Found 15 results

  1. Hi cinematographers I’m a guy from germany/switzerland who loves films. So I started out making them in June. This is my third project as a one-man-filmcrew, armed with just an iPhone and some basic filmmaking-tools to learn the craft. My only actress was my girlfriend who supports me whole-heartedly. My goal is to find a way to break into the industry independently or start my own career as a self employed film- and/or video-creator. I'm not 20 anymore, so film school would be no real option for me, especially here in germany were taste seem to be poor and the film schools are p
  2. Hello everyone, First time poster here, and I am shooting a promotional video for a martial arts competition coming up where my entire crew has 0 experience with gripping (family and friends). It will be my first time also using bigger lights, and I also have 0 set experience. I want to be most prepared when approaching this, since I'm dropping my own money to rent equipment, and I'm asking a lot of favors. I need your help going over my whole thought process to see if there are any big errors. My budget is under 500 dollars so please keep that in mind. Basically, I'm trying to get th
  3. Hey everyone! I've had my late grandfathers old super 8 camera and and projector sitting on my shelf for a few years now and I'm determined to make this summer the summer I actually get some use out of it. That being said I'm totally new to all of this and I'm hoping to pick some of your brains about old super 8 cameras What I have is a Bell and Howell autoload 308. By no means anything professional, but I'm hoping to breath some new life into it. I've put batteries in it and it seems to run just fine, however my biggest question is about the "electric eye" or automatic exposure featur
  4. I just bought a Bell & Howell Filmosonic Director Series super 8 camera and have been having some issues with it. I've never owned one of these cameras before and am a bit new to using film cameras in general, so I apologize if the resolution was glaringly obvious. I put batteries in and it ran well; the lights turned on when I tested it, but for whatever reason I can't see anything through the viewfinder. It's just black. Could something be blocking it from the inside or is it broken?
  5. Hey Everyone! I am trying to buy a Super 8 camera for a short film I want to make. I have found a Canon 1014 AZE within my price range, and I would love/need advice on this camera. Is this a good camera for a beginner and what film would I need to buy for it? I want to be able to transfer my film into my editor, how and where can I get this done? Anyone who has operated or owns the Canon 1014 AZE, please let me know what you think of this camera overall. Would really appreciate the help and advice on the Canon 1014 AZE the most. Thanks!
  6. I'm about to shoot a short film and have a question about focusing the lens of my bolex cam. Should I eyeball it? Or do I use a tape measure from the lens to the subject and then calculate that and adjust the focus ring by what the tape says? I want to be as accurate as possible. The lens is 12.5mm
  7. Hi! Im an aspiring cinematographer with a tiny body of work, if anyone has time Id be happy to hear some feedback. All work was done with Canon 5D mkIII and Magic Lantern RAW recording mode. Thanks! Here's my portfolio: https://www.behance.net/bpawlow
  8. Hi, Sorry, this is my first post. Im about to start filming my first year graduation piece and I'm not sure what stock I need to order. It will have a mix of interior hallways (a school's corridors with low angled lighting entering through doorways) and early morning exterior, 9/10a.m. (note that I am in Ireland so it is generally over cast) The school is lit with those fluorescent ceilng tubes which, I know give a green tint to skin tones. -This is my big issue, I am desaturating it in post production and I need to know if this greenish tone on the skin will affect the contrast
  9. Alrighty, looking to purchase a Super 8 camera to get the experience of producing something narrative through the film medium. Ive been shooting alot of HDSLR narratives...but i'm excited to have an opportunity to shoot and edit on film, and really feel the value of each and every frame. Saying that, I realize how niche Super 8 is. It will be expensive, so i've determined that I will try shooting and developing the film myself, editing linearly, and projecting to view. If I do decide to digitize my media, where is the cheapest to get 1 or 2 carts developed and have decent 1080p scan.
  10. Hello! I've just started putting together a youtube channel with little behind the scenes videos, tutorials and advice for the aspiring, young, or otherwise "new" cinematographer. I've had many colleagues and students express frustration at the daunting task of "learning how to light". While complex in many regards, it also merely requires you to begin by putting one foot in front of the other... Take a look and let me know if you find this video helpful! Laura Beth Love, Cinematographer www.lblove.com
  11. Alright, where to start... I'm a young aspiring filmmaker whose had a passion for making films ever since I was 6. Self-taught, I've made films all on the digital format, and recently, I've been shooting short films on the Canon Rebel T2i. I'm all for manual control, and I'm a pretty big hater of auto focus. Being that most of the filmmakers that inspire me shoot on film, and that it's (sadly enough) slowly dying, I've decided I want to move from digital to film. Now I understand that a great place to begin is with film photography. I've signed up for a photography class (showing you how to
  12. This is my IB Film Studies final group project. I wrote, directed, produced and editted it. Please let me know what you like about it and what I can do better next time I make a movie. Thanks! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0iQVVK3q8g
  13. Hey guys. This weekend I'm filming a music video for a friend and I was wondering if you had suggestions for a free editing software that still does a decent job? She's covering a Lorde song so the video switches between a party and a peaceful setting that she she keeps having flashbacks to. Thanks.
  14. Hello I'm a writer currently at work on a novel in which one of the main characters is a cinematogapher/auteur. (he's making a documentary). He uses an Aaton LTR 54 and the story is set in the late '70s - early 80's. I've tried without success to get my hands on one these cameras and I'm aware that merely reading a cinematography manual will only give me a fairly superficial idea of what it is to make such a film using this sort of camera. However, at the moment it's the best I can do. Aside from a reasonable grounding in the technicalities of the LTR I'm mainly interested in the p
  15. Currently making my first short film and I'm not very experienced in editing. Any suggestions on what to use for editing?
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