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Found 14 results

  1. Hey there everyone! I am a colombian film student and wannabe cinematographer and I am looking for some advise for an upcoming short film me and some classmates are preparing. So I am going to be the DP for this short and in terms of lightning I am looking to have an aesthetic close to the images I attached below for the interior daylight scenes. Logic tells me that to achieve this I should have some strong key lights motivated from the windows on the characters and expose to those bright areas of the face, so everything else will be darker to achieve that high contrast ratio. We┬┤ll probably h
  2. I just got my first short-film listed on imdb. Yay-me :) (I'm just a small-timer, but it is a great feeling all the same.) I have a question about the most appropriate thing to put in as the budget. I used my own equipment and my own time, so technically it did not cost me anything extra to make the film. Would you... 1: list the amount of money you were willing to spend to finish the film, even though you perhaps ended up spending much less. 2: list the amount of money you figured it actually cost you to do the film (basically just the electricity used during the
  3. Hi all, sorry if this has already been answered in other threads, this is my first post here. Due to financial constraints, i won't be able to buy more dedicated cinema lights until next month. I have 4 clamp lamps with daylight LED lightbulbs. If I get more of these, will I be able to light scenes decently? How can I create different atmospheres with these? And are there larger, brighter bulbs I can get for them? I understand fully that lighting is one of the most important aspects of filmmaking, but for the time being, I don't want to sit on my ass and do nothing when I can be refining my sk
  4. Hi there, I have a film coming up with a scene that takes place in a chapel. The chapel is not very big (roughly 45 feet x 15 feet) and has wooden shutters for windows which will be open. The challenge is that we shooting the entire day in this location but story wise this scene happens over 30 minutes. The back of the chapel faces north so the sun rises on the one side of the church and sets on the other - see floor plan with sun path. If budget and time was not a problem I would tent the windows and bring in lights to recreate the sun streaming through. I am looking to create a moody soft d
  5. Hey everyone! So I live in NYC and I've been shooting Super 8 as a fairly serious hobby since last summer. I love it. This forum has been a source of so much info. I've already bought several cameras, shot vacations, field trips, events, etc. Problem obviously is it ain't cheap! And even more of an issue is minimums. Given that I don't normally shoot 4+ rolls at a time, I've been forced to wait for weeks if not months while I slowly shoot more rolls until I meet the minimums. I've gotten developing from Spectra with their film+processing packs for ~$40/roll but that of course doesn't i
  6. I currently work with a bunch of tungstens that have been getting the job done. I would like to buy an HMI but they are just so expensive. I would like to spend 1000-1500 for one so I have to choose between buying used or buying one of the cheap ones from China new. My main motivation behind buying an hmi is to be able to light people during the daytime while the sun is out. My two options are: A. to buy this new chinese 1200w hmi for $1240 here There's a video review of a guy who tested it out (embedded in the site) and says that it's worth the money and risk of buying off-brand c
  7. I intend to make an inspirational short film. I want to get an idea about costs of different types of short films. Is there any place where I can see the film type and its detailed cost list? Or just see the major costs? I live in Pakistan, we don't have much latest tools here. So I need to make my own cost estimate after checking costs for other films. Also, give your view: what do you think I can make a professional inspirational short film by collecting volunteers only? Not paying anyone? Thank You
  8. Hi Everyone - I'm putting together a package for a very low budget feature. The production budget is $60k and I want to send production a reasonable camera and G&E package breakdown. Does anyone have a percentage that they think is a reasonable amount to allocate to equipment rental? I don't want to send something that the line-producer will scoff at. Thanks!
  9. I'm shooting a super low budget feature soon and am currently working on the gear package. The entire production budget is around $50k shooting in 12 days. Looking at local rental house catalogs, I'm not able to find a low enough day rate for a basic camera, grip and electric package. A c300 rig with a few Joker HMIs, 2 Kino 4x4s, some Arri tungstens and basic grip gear is still way too expensive. What equipment tricks do people use for micro budget features like this? Thanks.
  10. I'm the DP on a very low budget, extremely small crew, black-and-white feature film. I have a $3000 budget and a 3-week-long shoot. I'm looking for advice and recommendations on what equipment to rent/buy. For the majority of the production, I'll be the only person doing set-ups and operating the camera. I'll be attempting to use as much practical and natural lighting as possible. For the duration of the first half of the movie there will be little to no camera movement; mostly locked down on a tripod. But then the second half will be mostly handheld. I want to use a camera that's easy for o
  11. I am looking for some lights, but at a budget at the moment. I came across these through cheesycam and was wondering if anyone has ever used them http://www.fvlighting.com/store/lighting/led/r300.html
  12. Hello all, I have a bit of a dilemma with a scene I am shooting where the director would like the lighting to change from night to day in one shot. The shot is in a (small) kitchen on a mid of a man sleeping at a table. We have a 400w HMI, 2k blonde as well as an 800w fresnel and 2 650's. We don't see the window in this frame which does help out a little. I was thinking of simply blacking out the window and then slowly letting the light come through starting at the top and moving down so the daylight hits the top of the ceiling first and then spills down to fill the room, then re creat
  13. Say I wanted to film a feature, what would be an estimate for the budget of the Cinematography department? This would include the camera, dolleys, lenses, but most especially - film. Im talking about an indie here. So what would be a good option if I wanna show this at film festivals? 35mm 2-perf, 3-perf or S16mm? Whats a ballpark figure for all these options? Including processing and scanning? How would you edit this btw? Can you use Adobe Premiere or Final Cut?
  14. Hello. My name is George Skoumas Papanikolaou and I am a 25 years old director. I just made my first movie called "The Designer", a no budget film using only a Canon 550D and a kit lense 18-135 EFS and also a goPro Camera. It's an action short film with car races and a dramatic impact on the end of the film. No professional or amateur actors. Just friends. No script ever written. All in my head. Direction/Editing/Sound Editing/Trailer VoiceOver/Visual Effects all by one person. The music was written by a friend and it's also a home production using orchestral music. It too
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