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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, I've got an Eclair Npr with a Angenieux 12-120 zoom but I was looking for some c-mount primes to use. I'm still very new to this and I didn't want to worry about getting an adapter for other lens mounts. I was hoping some of you might have a few Prime C-mount lenses that are favorites. I don't have a big budget, and I'm shooting for lenses that are faster than the f2.2 Zoom. I might have missed a prior thread in the forum but I didn't see one. Thanks for any help.
  2. I’m soon going to buy an Eclair NPR, but I want to confirm first: can modern lens mounts be adapted to c-mount? There are a lot of adapters available (like this one: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/577757-REG/bower_va304_c_mount_for_nikon.html), but most forum threads I’ve seen insist on getting the cameflex mount changed to PL instead of adapting lenses to the c-mount. Is the c-mount too weak to hold non-16mm lenses? Does it not accommodate enough space for other mounts?
  3. Hi peeps, I just posted this lens on eBay, so if you are looking for a C-mount lens that will cover the S16 frame here is one. I only ship to the lower 48 United States. https://www.ebay.com/itm/153231296621 Thanks for looking
  4. Hello, you often can find old Kinoptik lenses, for example the Apochromat 25mm, in Cameflex, C-mount or other mounts for very, very high prices. What do you think about this lenses ? How is their quality and their 'look' compared to other lenses like Zeiss etc ? Why are this lenses so expensive ? Micha
  5. Hello, I am capturing high-speed videos of water droplets using a PhotonFocus TrackCam (C-mount), capable of 1000+ fps. The lens I was using was a Computar 18-108mm/f2.5-16, that was lying around. I was able to have decent focus for one droplet (diameter of ~1 mm), but was having trouble getting a DOF for multiple droplets close together, shot from a little over a foot away. What lens would you recommend to use in order to have ~5mm DOF with a magnification of 1-2X? The lenses I have found so far online are either capable of doing one or the other (DOF/magnification), but not both. {I am already lighting the scene for 1000+ fps} Any help would be appreciated, Josh
  6. So I bought the Angenieux 17-68mm f/2.2 c-mount lens for my MFT cameras and I am wanting to use my variable ND filter on it. Obviously I needed a step up ring adaptor. I read at vintagelensesforvideo.com in the comments section of the post about this lens that it was most likely a series 7 filter. So I bought a series 7 to 58mm adaptor; I was way too big. I then bought a series 6 to series 7 adaptor; this was barely too small. I've gone to all the local Dallas/Fort Worth camera shops and they all have no clue. Does anyone know what the front filter specifications are for this lens? Any help much appreciated! Alex
  7. Just obtained an Angenieux 6-80mm for my Beaulieu 4008 ZM. Removed Reglomatic and the lens seems to work just fine on my camera. However, noticing that this is a quite heavy lens (if compared to all other C-mount lenses I own) I'm wondering if it is safe to use without lens support on a tripod? This thing is heavier than my camera! ;)
  8. I am selling off a large part of my 16mm collection. I've got 2 REX-5 bodies, in perfect working condition and super cosmetic condition. Comes with rewind knob and eyecup. $700 OBO. Am also selling off these lenses, also usable on 4/3 (Four-Thirds) sensor digital cameras. Listed are prices for each. May be open to negotiating. Switar Kern-Paillard H16 RX 10mm f/1.6 - $200 Wollensak Cine Raptar 50mm f/1.5 w/ hood - $200 (3x) Switar Kern-Paillard H16 RX 50mm f/1.4 - $500 Switar Kern-Paillard AR 50mm f/1.4 - $500 Yvar Kern-Paillard AR 75mm f/2.5 - $250 Yvar Kern-Paillard AR 75mm f/2.8 - $200 Inquire about the pieces you're interested in. Will sell separately. Can give discounts for buying a bunch of stuff. **I've also got these few lenses that are quite rare, I'm not really looking to sell them but will consider if the price is really right: *Switar MC 10mm f/1.6 Macro *Bell & Howell/Angenieux 25mm f/.95 *Macro Switar H16 RX 50mm f/1.4 *Angenieux Type S5 50mm f/1.5 *Schneider-Kreuznach makro-tele-xenar 75mm f/2.8 If you're in NYC area, we can meet up, otherwise, Paypal (must have verified address). Let me know if you're interested in anything! I have photos of each piece.
  9. What can be the flange focal distance of a 20 mm Cinor lens of a 9.5 mm camera (Pathé National II) ? The thread diameter of the mount is the same as the D-mount (15.88 mm), but the flange focal distance seems to be the same as the C-mount (17,526 mm). Can I use a C-mount lens (with a D-mount > C-mount adapter ring) on a 9.5 mm camera ? Mechanically, yes, but optically ?
  10. Hello. I would like to mount on a Elgget f:1.5/13 mm C-Mount, a filter and a hood, but I do not know what is the exact diameter of the thread of the filter mount. It is between 42 and 43 mm, but it is not 42 or 43 mm. This is obviously in inches. Do you know what is the exact diameter in inches ? In advance, thank you for all informations.
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