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  1. Here is a link where to download the english manual for Bolex projectors (type G) : Bolex Projector G User Manual For each film format, you need a corridor pad and a lens fits the size of the film (for 16 mm and 9.5 mm, the lens may be the same).
  2. What are the changes to made on a Bolex H8 REX (1962), so that it can turn in Ultrapan8? In addition to the exposer window and the view finder, It should also, I suppose, change the adapter plate lenses to increase the focal length of 2.2 mm and focus it on the middle of the width of the exposed film?
  3. No, unfortunately I do not have access to the motor. One of the screw holding the metal plate to the base of the projector, is totally jammed. I'm not able to unscrew. The abnormal noise of the projector seems to depend on the speed. It appears from a certain speed and beyond a higher speed, it disappears, and reappear if the speed decreases.
  4. I also have other 16 mm projectors : Bolex S-221, S-321, Bauer P5 and P8. The Bolex S is splendid (and very heavy) :
  5. But I have removed the old grease and replaced with new. I added oil to the bearings. When I turn by hand, it makes no noise. But maybe it should not put oil in the bearings? I have another projector Bolex G916 of the thirty years, much older than this one, that does not make this noise.
  6. I just bought a Bolex G3 projector. It seems to have very little use. It must date from 1950. I disassembled for lubrication (grease and oil). The mechanism seems in good condition. When I do turn the mechanism with the knob (8), everything seems normal, no special resistance. When I run the motor without driving the mechanism (release mechanism 10), the engine is running quickly without unwanted noise, but when I train the mechanism with the motor, the projector makes a terrible noise, but that is not continuous and systematic. The noise is sometimes normal, but it does not last. Loud noise comes quickly. It seems that there is something that resonates. I have two other projectors Bolex (G916 and G16), almost identical mechanically, that does not make all that noise. The projector is “empty” (without film). What could be causing this noise? Sound captures : motor_only.mp3 motor_and_mechanism.mp3
  7. If I understand correctly, it is to take pictures with a camera and not a movie? To do this, it would be better to use a 16 mm camera (or 35 mm) to get a decent picture. But even with a 35mm camera used in still images, the result will not be good. The cameras are made for cinema whose rapid succession of images hides the flaws of the film.
  8. Wonderful Éric Rohmer films recently reissued on Blu-ray Shot in 16 mm: La femme de l’aviateur (1981) Le rayon vert (1986) Quatre aventures de Reinette et Mirabelle (1987) L'arbre, le maire et la médiathèque (1993) Les rendez-vous de Paris (1995)
  9. How to adjust the focus of the viewfinder lenses of a Bell & Howell camera Filmo 70 DL so that what appears in the viewfinder remains sharp when changing lens? I have two viewfinder lenses, one is for the focal 1", the other for the 0.7". If I set the viewfinder to get a sharp image with one of the lenses, with the other lens, the image is completely blurred. Viewfinder lenses contain two lenses, one has two convex faces, the other has a flat surface and the other convex. How to position inside the lenses?
  10. Whoever runs this site is a former repairman Nizo and Bauer. He still has the parts and make the repairs. http://www.cine-super8.net/
  11. Agfa Movexoom 10 MOS Electronic
  12. Leicina Special Leicina Super RT1 Zeiss Ikon Moviflex GS8 Nizo Professional Bauer A512 Rollei SL84 Bolex 160
  13. Bolex 155 Spare parts and service instructions (PDF 89 pages, 72,6 Mo) : http://dossierpublic.free.fr/Documents/Bolex_155_Spare_parts_and_service_instructions.pdf
  14. http://www.filmkorn.org/faszination-cinemascope/
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