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Found 7 results

  1. Always loved commercials. Fantastic time capsules! Here are a few vintage commercials you may like. Jeno's Pizza Rolls...a big budget commercial for its day. With the proverbial surprise at the end. Jeno's Pizza Roll Commercial D. D. Teoli Jr. A. C. : D. D. Teoli Jr. A. C. : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive Florsheim Shoes...where up and coming actors would get their start and pay the rent. Florsheim Shoes Commercial D. D. Teoli Jr. A. C. : D. D. Teoli Jr. A. C. : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive Kodak Instamatic Movie Camera Kodak Instamatic Movie Camera Commercial D. D. Teoli Jr. A. C. : D. D. Teoli Jr. A. C. : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive <><><><> Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archival Collection Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Small Gauge Film Archive Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Advertising Archive Daniel D. Teoli Jr. VHS Video Archive Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Popular Culture Archive Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Audio Archive Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Social Documentary Photography
  2. "The number of ads shot on film and processed at Cinelab doubled in 2018 to around 350, and there was an increase in pop promos to 50-plus, many shot on Super 8 and Super 16 as well as 35mm." https://www.broadcastnow.co.uk/tech/film-stages-digital-fightback/5135915.article#.XEHdhn_xPh0.twitter So film is far from dead.
  3. I wanted to start a thread about commercials that I love and I use as an inspiration so here we go! Black Opium - Directed by Harmony Korine / Cinematography by Arnaud Poitier Under Armour - Directed by Aoife McCardle / Cinematography by Steve Annis Vintersaga - Directed by Gustav Johansson / Cinematography by Niklas Johansson H&M - Autumn 2016 (I like how it was directed)
  4. So, in your opinion, what makes a great commercial? I have seen some very good commercials. To me though, most of them are repetitive noise, with very little thought behind them but to be so massively quantified into your subconconcious. For me, as a filmmaker, I am always looking to create something that people connect to on an emotional level. Even if they just watched it for 40 seconds. Now, we connect to characters that we can relate to. An emotion in their expression. Their eyes. Body language. Can we effectively capture this in under a minute? I think we can, but we have to be able to take a chance that people will watch the picture even though it is repetitive for 15 seconds. Which might be a stretch, since people have the attention span of a gold fish in todays society. We are attacked with ads everywhere. Another approach could be to create something so beautiful, the viewer is caught by that. I do believe it is hard to keep attention with cinematography alone though, except for those especially interested in such. What are your thoughts, and what is your favourite commercial? I think this could be an interesting discussion.
  5. I really enjoy videos like this. I work on low-budget sets, and stuff like this really just drives me to do even better work, and also inspires me. It's incredible to see how elaborate the sets are, and how it's actually done. If you know of any good behind the scenes like this, feel free to share.
  6. hello everybody, as am about to shoot a commercial in paris, featuring indian models, i was wondering if you guys wanted to share ideas on which gels to use to enhance the skintones for the beauty shots. these are the models: http://inega.in/v2/models/male/manu/ http://inega.in/v2/models/female/ana/ thanks a lot
  7. Hi, I'm looking for southern California based DP's for ongoing commercial work. If you can send a link to your portfolio of work and typical day rate, that would be great. No phone calls please. Kind regards, Reid
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