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Found 17 results

  1. Hey, I'm working with some drone (A2s) files and I can se the footage quickly "popping up" every second or so. At first I tought it was due to the arm's leds, but that's not it. I think this may be due to compression. What do you think? I'd love to hear some advice on to handle it. Sometimes it's nothing, sometimes it's really noticeble. i-frame noise reduction? - is this a thing? haha Thanks! Obs: not a colorist, as u can see
  2. I'm selling my Inspire Pro Black Edition with X5 4k camera drone system, never used on a project just gently tested on four training flights - I'm the original owner and the quadcopter is perfect with less than 2 hours of flying time (I'm working with a dedicated piot now and so don't need the drone myself). It's the complete Inspire 1 v2.0 Pro Black Edition kit with the amazing Zenmuse X5 4k interchangeable lens camera and 3 axis gimbal and everything that came in the new $3750 package from Abelcine... foamed hard case, TB48 battery, Pro Controller, chargers, DJI props, DJI 15mm f1.7 lens, chest harness and manual. Plus four media cards and hard case, some filters, lens shade, extras props, Yx fast charger and Pgytech landing zone. All packed away and ready to go... contact me for photos. Chris@CLAi.tv or 8314197590 (NB. The CrystalSky CS550, Olympus 14-24mm Digital zoom lens and extra TB47 drone battery shown are NOT included in this sale but may be available to buy separately) Chris Layhe, Santa Cruz, California 8314197590
  3. For sale is a complete RTF heavy lift aerial photography kit, including all components necessary to operate in a set environment. All gear was purchased in mid 2018 to mid 2019. Total investment was north of $52,000. The centerpieces are the Freefly Alta 8 and MoviPro Aerial Bundle. Gear was cared for meticulously and is in like new condition. Asking $35,000 for everything. I will also offer basic training on the set up and operation of the gear if you are located within a reasonable distance from Southern California. Items included are as follows: Note: click blue text for pictures Drone: Alta 8 + Case includes dual Futaba R7008RS receivers installed, installed FPV camera, pelican case, tools, and spare parts as included with a new purchase Freefly Backpack Kit (never used) Freefly Alta Extended Spacer (never used) Freefly Alta 8 Spare Parts Kit TBS Triumph Antenna Set upgraded FPV antennas on Alta and FPV monitor DS-30 Anti Collision Strobe FAA approved for night operations, flying under 107.29, includes custom wire harness with 9V battery case Futaba 14SGA transmitter Tarot Transmitter Cage (used lightly) Includes hardware to mount monitor and Teradek Rx, custom wire harness to power monitor and rx with lipo batt(not included), and body harness Drone Batteries/Charger: (16) Tattu 12,000mAh 15C Lipopolymer Batteries (8 sets) Maintained log of life cycles to monitor health, the most heavily used batteries still have a predicted 85% life remaining to function at full capacity (based on 200 cycle lifespan) Rotor Craft Custom Charger Case Mounted in Nanuk 930 weather resistant case: Revolectrix DPL6-T charger, Meanwell RSP2000-24(capable of 2000W on 220V outlet), step down converter, DPL wire kit, also included are 2 parallel charging boards-makes it possible to charge 12 batts simultaneously), EC5 charge leads, power cable (for standard 120v outlet), voltage checker (2) 1510 Pelican Storm Cases (in OD Green) Used to transport batteries Gimbal: Movi Pro Aerial Bundle + Case as described on Freefly’s website. MoviPro, MoviPro landing gear, Mimic with handle bars, Bush Pilot lens control knob, 2 MoviPro batts, 2 MoviPro battery chargers, MoviPro Aerial Bundle Pelican case, and other accessories Freefly Movi Controller Freefly Toad on a Stick Freefly Red Epic DTAP Power Cable Freefly XL Red RCP Serial Cable Freefly Twin 15mm Pop’N’Lock Quick Release Freefly Pop'N'Lock Screw Mount Quick Release (2) SinMax Wifi Signal Boosters Used to amplify Movi Controller Tx signal. Significantly improves range over stock configuration, includes custom DTAP power cable Downlink Teradek Bolt Pro 3000 Deluxe Kit SDI/HDMI Wireless Video Transceiver Set (Vlock) includes one Bolt Pro 3000 transmitter and two receivers, along with a black panel antenna array in an SKB water resistant Utility Case. Also included in the kit is a 14.4V single receiver V-Mount battery plate, all necessary cables, hardware, and power adapters Gimbal Control Station Rig: 2 Rock Solid Master Clamps Rock Solid Low Boy Roller Rock Solid Aero Elbow Rock Solid Master Articulating Arm Rock Solid Camera Platform Used as monitor mount Rock Solid Baby Ballhead Adapter Rock Solid 22" Telescoping Arm Aero Utility Tray with Arm Monitors: Fieldview 777SB DVR 5.8GHZ FPV 7" Monitor with built in battery FeelWorld FW759 7" Ultra HD 1280x800 IPS Screen Field Monitor Power: (2) Ecoflow Rivers + Soft Cases RIVER Ultra-Capacity 500-Watt Portable Mobile Power Station for 2 AC and 6 USB Ports each Comm: Eartec UL4S UltraLITE 4-Person System Includes Single-Ear Master Headset and 3xSingle-Ear Remote Headsets, battery charger, and 8 batteries (1 extra set), also includes soft case (4) Motorola T600 Talkabout Radios Two Way Series 22-Channel FRS/GMRS Analog General Radio, includes 4 radios and 2 chargers Link to Photo Album
  4. To me the online footage i see from various DJI's looks amazingly good, so i wonder are they used for big feature films or you NEED an Octacopter with Alexa/Red/Whatever with big sensor thing... :) (production won't permit using "toys" for their movie)
  5. Hey, guys, selling my Red Epic package, here is the link, let me know if you have any questions, cheers http://www.ebay.com/itm/222483796329?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  6. This tiny drone folds up to about half the size of a milk carton and weighs under 1kg. and can do 65km per hour speed. I added filters mainly to bring the shutter speed down to 1/50 @25P as it has a fixed F2.8 aperture.
  7. To end the year of 2016, my friend Mark and I decided to head west on an adventure and to shoot some beautiful Californian landscape footage exclusively on the DJI Mavic Pro. See where we've been. Song: "Mountain Game" by Animal Collective Follow me on Social Media: http://instagram.com/photo.corey http://www.coreymachado.com Check out Mark's Channel: http://bit.ly/2ir4May
  8. Hi! This is one of my first postings in this forum, but I just saw a music video and I'm really interested in how this project was realised. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tm-50u4qLe8 - How did they manage to shoot in the blazing sun but still being overall perfectly exposed? Do you think that there's much grading involved? - The grain is fantastic! Is this real grain or an overlay? - What lenses / camera / rig do you think was used? The camera seems to be floating like a drone? Or maybe afterwards stabilisation? Many thanks in advance, I'm really curious!
  9. what is the best drone for cinematography ?
  10. Just curious if anyone has any experience with DJI Phantom 4 drone footage. Specifically: 1) How the dynamic range is/compares to other cameras? 2) How robust/responsive is the gimbal? 3) With proper color grading and some look management, would it cut well enough with Alexa 2K footage for laymen audiences? I know this is pretty subjective, but just trying to gauge opinions. Overall just trying to give a friend some advice, but I don't have the time to test the drone myself. Thank you. -Andrew
  11. Hey all! I'm pretty familiar with the different aerial shooting options out there but wondering if anyone knows a nice, rentable unit that I can attach a Black Magic Pocket Camera to that won't require hiring an owner/operator.
  12. Just used this company for some aerial filming and they are brill! check em out http://cineflite.com
  13. Hello Cinematographers, We are pleased to announce that with all the new regulation being pushed by the FAA, Xizmo Media is one of the few professional aerial cinematography companies with an FAA 333 Exemption. What does this mean? Directors/producers no longer need to worry about the legalities of the business. Xizmo has the most experienced pilots and aerial cinematographers. We are the highest rated in customer satisfaction on hireuavpro.com Feel free to have a look at what our customers have to say about us http://www.hireuavpro.com/item/xizmo-media-productions/ We are determined to bring the high production value shots to your project capable of carrying cameras all the way up to RED and ARRI. If you have any questions regarding our service, please give us a call at any time. Thanks! Edward Kostakis Xizmo Media www.xizmomedia.com 516-315-5195
  14. Hey guys I have a pile of gear for sale. The reason for sale is that I barely use the gear. Here's a list of some available items. Bartech wireless FF/ with Heden Motor and extra gear drives Kit. $1800 - SOLD K5600 Jokerbug 400 HMI $1200 K5600 Jokerbug 200 HMI $1000 Steadicam pilot - $1000 Kinotehnik LCDVF $500 Cinestar 8 $2000 U7 motors X8 $75-each Carl Ziess Cinemiser OLED $350 Wireless transmitters And much more..... See link for some pictures. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h5no4caa36clp6l/AAB7VX7DfiQlx7nhY9sAxotma?dl=0 Make your offers reasonable. all my gear is in decent shape and mildly used. PM me for more pictures as the site won't let me upload everything here. Goodluck
  15. Hi everyone, got one for you! I'm challenging myself with wanting to achieve a very difficult shot... I'll explain it. I'm directing and shooting a music video for a friend and I had the vision to start it with a close up of a girl standing. The camera then will start rotating around her until it flies off the sky looking at the valley. It should be all in one shot with not digital "stitches". Now I thought to try asking the drone people if it's possible and they say that can only do a small curve around before flying off. They suggested a technocrane instead which is out of budget of course and anyway won't fly over the valley. The "B" solution to achieve this shot is to use a steadycam around the girl and then stitch a shot from the girl to the sky. Probably the stitch won't be even be visible with the nowadays post technology but it should be tested anyway. I believe that it would be a breath breaking shot and a great start of the video if all done naturally in one shot. Any ideas suggestions? Cheers!
  16. Hey everyone, So I have been working long and hard all summer to perfect my drone for capturing aerial video and here is some of the shots I have captured over the summer. The helicopter is capable of carrying around 6lb, and will carry a RED Epic or C300. The rotor on the helicopter is about 6 feet and the total weight is about 18lbs. Most of this video is actually just shot with a Panasonic X900m ($1000 prosumer camera) but I have found that is it incredible for this purpose. skyeyemedia.com Enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDFwB87IqEY Cheers, Chris
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