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  1. 1. It's just a poor English case, hahaha. Not the best, but it'll be improved soon. 2. Got it! Thanks 🙂 I couldn't understand what's happening to my readdins to make the sekonic suggest values that put the target at a lower IRE in some cases.. mostly when I try to measure dark surfaces. Thanks for your patience and all the content! It'll help me a lot.
  2. Hey, I've tried it today using 10 different light conditions. I've positioned the card and camera, lighted the card, got the mettering, applyed the suggested settings on the camera (same ISO, adjusting aperture and S.s)... 10 times. All the shots stayed between 42 and 48%. The ones lighted with different CCT values were way more consistent: 44-47%. I used a portable RGB in 3 scenarios - because I was curious - and those were the ones that expanded the range to 42-48%.
  3. That's it. It's not aways coming out at 46%, or 18%. If this is happening, even if I set the camera using a grey card and then measure something brighter like a white card, I won't be able to tell if the difference between them is real.
  4. Thank you both 🙂 I thought that every surface and color could be measured with the spot and it would be at 45% (or 41%, calibrated for Slog3) if the camera and suggested values were matching. Am I wrong about that? I'm struggling a little bit to understand the different results I had. Thank you for all the help and patience!
  5. Hi, Satsuki! Thanks for replying 🙂 1. Done. Using a white card, it matches perfeclty. Using different surfaces (leather, post-its, blue sheets, a cat, etc) it's kinda inconsistent. I've calibrated the l858 to 45% at ISO640 (Fuji XT-3). I've got values between 25-50%. Quick test: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1djiSs0jfr4ClqLpHmiziN_kJOgdF25Vj/view?usp=sharing 2. Cine Rokinon. The Calibration above was made with this lens. 3. Tried that today. Dark blue sheet lighted from brehind the camera. Got something around 25%. 4. I tried to stay as close as possible to the
  6. Hey, Yesterday I was shoting a scene for a comercial and my L858 got me pretty good. I took some measurements with the spot meter from where the camera was (we'll 'rebuild everything later) and I got a underexposed footage (something around 1 stop) following the f3.5 sugested value. OBS: - I had some light hitting the spot's lens, but not in frame; -I tought about recalibrating the meter, but I tried to measure different scenarios around the location and the L858 gave me 3 correct values out of 5. I used waveform to check; -Last time I used my Sekonic it was perfect..
  7. Woah, A lot of good comments! Thanks! - Taking notes, haha - So, let's go inside the story: the house where all happens is a camp house, away from any city. This scene is about a blackout. The only source left is the moon. I'd like to fill the interior without too much shadows. Just enough light to make the room visible. And use the moonlight to contrast the subject and define some shadows (from the big window) on the ground. I'll try to post a reference from the storyboard! Thanks veery much for all these awesome answers :D
  8. Hey! My name is Vitor. I'm a cinematography student and I'm recording a short film in Brazil :) We pretend to record an interior night scene this weekend: lights out, moonlight comming from a big window of 3x5 meters, in a 9 meters height room. Sooo.... Do you have any sugestion about how can I light this with the equipments bellow? My first idea was -basically- light the ceiling from below and use it to fill all the room. And put some lights outside to simulate the moon. The equipments we have here are: -A6000 Sony Alpha -24 f2.8 Nikon -50 f1.8 Nikon -6 1000w quartz
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