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Found 11 results

  1. Hey, does anyone have a FS7 or FS5 profile for their Sekonic meter? Only available one online for Sony is the F65. Cheers.
  2. For sale: sony pxw-fs5. Excellent condition Very low hours: 5 x 10 hours. Camera is in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Purchased at VOCAS in Hilversum - on 12-09-2016 - sony 2 year warranty lasts until 12-09-2018. Comes with battery, charger and original box. Also comes with smallrig topplate and sideplate, smallrig lcd screen clamp adapter. 3500 euro. Can also include VOCAS PL mount adapter, VOCAS pl mount clamp, VOCAS top plate, VOCAS handgrip rosette adapter for additional price - see my separate advertisement - or send a note if you are interested in the whole package.
  3. Hi all, I'm going to be shooting a short film in the very near future on the Sony FS5. The Camera only comes with a kit lens, so I was wondering whether it was worth sourcing another lens to work with. I know friend's have pretty pricey Canon lenses, but I'm unsure whether these would be better or worse. The film is going to be shot mostly outside on location, shots of buildings and streets etc. If anyone has ideas, let me know. Thanks.
  4. Selling Sony FS5 package with RAW upgrade, Sony 24-135mm zoom, Zacuto rig, onboard mic, batteries and charger. Asking $6500 obo. Everything in like-new condition, valued at around $9k. Thanks for looking!
  5. Hi, we have a Sony PXWFS5 camera body w/ original box with 20hs only (barely used, back up camera) with (1) original Sony Battery and (1) original Sony charger (lens and raw option not included) It is available in NY for inspection, will prefer to sell locally, but would consider shipping (camera must be pre paid, message me for shipping estimate) Thanks
  6. So I had a heated discussion today about this topic with other "cinematographers". I had information thrown at me from all sides and I don't know what to believe anymore .Can somebody please clean this up for me once and for all. Ok I bought a Sigma Art 18-35mm 1.8 lens for my FS5. The lens is a APS-C so it fits well on the camera. A lot of people are using it. So the question is... Is this really giving me 18-35mm or 28.8-56mm? I was under the impression that the 1.5 crop factor only applied when you were using a full frame lens. A guy then tells me all lenses are for full frame and you have to multiple 1.5 with any lens that you put on it no matter what its for. He was really furious when explaining this to me. Who is right?
  7. Looking for some exposure help when shooting moody scenes with the FS5 - I have seen a lot of people recommending setting the zebra to 70 percent ( which makes things pretty bright on the monitor for a darker scene/ is this something people only do in LOG? ) are there any other usable on camera exposure tool other than zebra?. Don't use Sony's much and am more used to Using a REC 709 LUT or false colors within my ALEXA eyepiece to expose. Also, should I be switching from LOG3 to cine gamma for lower light situations? Also any general tips for exposing low light scenes without crushing the blacks?
  8. How exactly is the 1080p achieved in this camera? Is it downscaled in camera from the 4k like a hardware downscale? Or is it some complicated in camera magic happening?
  9. I've been told the information in a 4k image from a 4k sensor is anything from 33% to 70% on a bayer sensor. I am so confused with so much misinformation around. I've looked through the forums and learned a lot about this topic. But it never answered this question. - Is 422 from a 4k sensor real 4k 422? - Exactly how much real color information is in a 4k sensor at 4k resolution (pixels)? You get the jagged edges when trying to key a 420 image... Why would a 4k 422 sampling from a 4k sensor be any different. If its not enough information there will it look like 420 even at 422?
  10. Hi, I'm doing a two camera shoot with my FS5 and A7S, and wondering if anyone knows which Picture Profiles or HG to set on the cameras for best results for matching. Best
  11. Has anyone checked these out? http://www.ultimateexposureguides.com/ I'm a relative newcomer to the Sony F3 and I am wondering if some of this material could be of use to me. Maybe the FS5 would share enough in common with the F3 to make it worthwhile for me to get the FS5 Guide? I do plan on hiring the FS7 so that too.
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