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Found 13 results

  1. Leica 100mm Macro T2.8 Price : $8,750.00 US Lens Re-Housed by ARRI Media London. Mount: PL Mount Magnification Ration 1:1 Optics extremely sharp. No marks / scratches on Optics. Lens is cosmetically excellent.
  2. hello interested in buying set of macros in PL, which probably is only those three options... anybody is selling or having suggestion in selection? thanks --- a) Arri Macro Lenses 16mm, 24mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 100mm b) Leitz MACROS by EASTERN ENTERPRISES 19mm T2.8, 24mm T2.8, 35mm T1.4, 50mm T1.4, 60mm T2.8, 90mm T2.8, 100mm T2.8 CF https://easternenterprises.biz/leitz-lenses/ c) Leica THALIA Thalia T3.6 - 24 mm MACRO Thalia T2.8 - 55 mm MACRO Thalia T2.6 - 120 mm MACRO --- located in EU/Czech republic and partialy SA or FLORIDA. You can text/call me at +420777174155 (imessage, whatsapp), text me on facebook "Martin vonkuttenberg Klimpar" or mail me at klimpar@vonkuttenberg.com. Thanks!
  3. For Sale : Cooke 65mm Macro Anamorphic/i Lens W/ Case. $26,000.00 Email sales@broadcastsolutions.com
  4. IB/E OPTICS RAPTOR T2.9 Macro Prime 4-Lens (60, 100, 150 & 180mm) Set - PL Mount. These are beautiful lens which are Brand new and never used. 100, 150 & 180mm Lenses comes with a Pelican Case 60mm Lens comes with the original box. We bought these lenses for $55,610.00 and never used, our asking price for these PRIMES is $48,357.00. We are also open for offers. For additional Pictures and any questions regarding RAPTOR Lenses please contact us. Email - seebeyondusa@gmail.com
  5. I'm in a toss up right now deciding whether macro lenses or extension tubes are the better bet. I don't plan on doing any racks from macro distance to non-macro distance, so I'm not sure renting macro lenses is worth the cost vs using an extension tube. I haven't shot in this scenario though for close to a couple years. Anyone have any ideas or tips for getting sharp, crisp macro work? How much does an extension tube limit your focal range? I vaguely remember getting a couple feet of room when I last put one on a prime lens, but I'd rather defer to you guys. Camera will be Dragon, probably shooting either Angenieux zooms at best or a small prime set (no idea which yet).
  6. Angenieux 70-210 F3.5 Zoom Lens - Leica R Adapted to Canon - UV Filter - Focus Rings The F3.5 is consistent throughout zoom range. Also has good short focus macro. Manual Iris/Focus/Zoom but still very lightweight for this range. Smooth rings and good amount of focus/zoom travel vs most DSLR Lenses. Love the look, resolves nicely. Don't know of any other zoom that compares without going PL or big $$ for manual control. $1000 OBO PM or Email mbentgroup + gmail
  7. Hi all, I'm shooting a teaser for a project soon, and I'd like to end up with what appears to be one long continuous take, but would be actually 3 shots. The setup is simple the frame starts on black, the camera dollying backward to reveal the blackness is the pupil of the actor in the scene, focus would be pulled remotely, for a continually shifting DoF to allow for constant focus. The camera will continue to dolly backwards from it's initial position, using I'm assuming a macro lens, to it's final position across the room roughly 16ft back from the actor. I'm using a BMCC 2.5k and when the camera hit's it's final position, I need to be at an 11mm focal length to see the entire width of the room from that position. My thought is to use a Macro lens for the initial X feet of the camera movement, shooting as I retreat, getting slightly more coverage than I need, and having the second shot be on my wider non-macro lens, on the same dolly, moving back at the same speed, and then edit them together at the point the shots "overlap", creating a seamless transition between one shot/lens and the next. This seems possible, I'm not sure about the specifics of lens selection, but I think this is do-able. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi community, I have two questions related to poor-man's macro solutions. I am about to purchase a Krasnogorsk K3 and look for ways to shoot in macro with it. One idea was to just put a diopter - these close-up rings - in front of the lens. I know it's a super cheap solution, but that's how I roll. Does anybody have any experiences in that regard? At a later stage I'd buy a macro lens for it. I know it has a Pentax mount, so am I assuming correctly that I can just use any fitting macro lens with that mount then? Thanks for helping me out! Manuel
  9. Hello! I am selling a Leica Macro-Elmarit R 60mm 2.8 lens in great shape, clean optics, smooth focus, clean aperture. It's in Leica R mount (easy to adapt to Canon EF, M4/3, Sony E). Original front metal cap and plastic back cap. Beautiful lens both for macro and portrait, sharp and beautiful leica out of focus and skin tones. It's the "new" version with 55mm front, recent serial (3513233). Price: 650 euros Payment by Paypal or cash. Free shipping to EU (located in Brussels, Belgium). All the best, Olivier
  10. Lenses For Sale (Pre-Owned): Cooke S4/i 18/25/35/50/75/100mm Lens Set Kowa Anamorphic 40/50/75/100mm Lens Set Leica Summicron-C 18/25/35/50/75/100mm Arri 16/24/32mm T2.1 Macro Lens Set Arri Master Prime 18/25/35/50/75/100mm Lens Set Arri Master Prime 27mm T1.3 Lens Metric Scale Arri Ultra Prime 16/24/32/50/85/135mm Lens Set Zeiss MKII Superspeed Prime Lenses 18/25/35/50/85mm email sales@broadcastsolutions.com for pricing and details.
  11. Hello, I have attached some photos of the kind of images I would like to shoot. I have researched about the kind of stages, lights etc, I might need. But it is hard to wade through advice on this subject online as it is overwhelmingly stacked towards stills work and image stacking - to achieve a decent depth of field (also how these images were achieved). But I want to shoot this kind of detail and depth with a video camera - alexa / epic etc... So - what PL kind of lenses / diaopters / tubes do I need to get this kind of magnification? Is working with normal diopters even possible to get this extreme detail? Are there any PL mount lenses out there that can achieve this level of detail? Anyone who knows a bit about this kind of extreme Macro would appreciate any advice.
  12. I have a set of Cookes (S4s) with a 135 macro T2 in the set. Nice lens, but the range of Macro shots I need to do I think is beyond this lens. However - they can only afford one full set. There are some options - use Arri Macros (not Masters, ultras, or super speeds - I know them only as Arri Macros), there are a full set of the macros available. - But director wants to know if we use these what are they like compared to the cookes (which he likes) I can't tell him because I have never used the Arri Macro set. What to do, stick with the Cookes and the 135, plus get in some diopters to get the shot. Or go with the Arri set of Macros. The question really is what is more beautiful? I have never seen the Arri's - also there will be no time / option on a test. Any advice? Would love to see examples of Arri Macro set if there are any out there. Thanks all.
  13. I have a filmmaker friend who recently gave me his old Bolex H16 Reflex absolutely free over the holiday season. He has since graduated to a high-end digital setup, but said that the H16 Reflex properly cared for will give many years of service and can deliver great results for low-budget filmmakers. I'm a student, so low-budget pretty accurately describes my operation. However I'd be willing to invest in a lens that would suit my needs. I do stop-motion animation (seeking a BFA in Animation), and would like to use film for my project. The Bolex came with a pistol grip, a supplemental film magazine, cable release and a Vario Switar 18-86mm f. 25 OE lens. I'm wondering: what kind of lenses / accessories would I need to make the H16 Reflex suitable for stop motion animation? The lens I'm currently looking at is a Kern Switar 10mm f 1.6. Apologies for lack of knowledge, as I am an amateur. Thanks!
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