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Found 6 results

  1. Hello Folks, I'm looking for any type of shortends for testing few of my cameras and also doing some experimental stuff. I'm really tight on budget so cheaper for me is better. I'm intrested in Kodak, Agfa, Orwo, Svema, Fuji, and others. B&W, Color, Reversal and Negative.if shipping to Vilnius, Lithuania is ok for you. Thanks. Nojus nojusdra at gmail dot com
  2. Hello guys, I'm music video clipmaker (beginner). I like k-pop MVs. I want to shoot my MVs like that. I've got Red One MX camera and Zeiss 35mm CP2 superspeed t1.5 lens only. Which lens (mm) do you recomment to buy? (sorry, I don't know english very well)
  3. Hi, Does anyone know of the cheapest place to buy Double 8MM film in the UK? I've looked around various places but it's all in the £25+ for 25ft of Black and White. I've noticed on B&H in the states it's cheap as hell, and would work out at about £7 in UK pounds. Why is it so expensive over here? Am I missing something? Thanks, Andrew.
  4. Hello All, Check this out: First instance shooting on the Redlake locam inside. Definitely quite challenging to use. Next time I'll up the light for sure to fix up some of the focus issues. Let me know any other thoughts! Thanks, Luc
  5. The fact that I'm creating a topic of this nature may come to a surprise to many of you, but I feel it's necessary because I'm getting at least three different answers based on my own research. 1) Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/16_mm_film#Super_16_mm WP states the camera aperture is 12.52 by 7.41 mm (0.493 by 0.292 in). This gives us an aspect ratio of 1.6884:1 (1.69:1). Unfortunately, nothing is cited clearly in that article (shocker!). For an interesting twist, the entry also lists regular 16 mm as having a height of 7.49 mm (0.295 in). I thought Super 16 just extended the horizontal dimensions of the format, not also shrink it's vertical dimensions. 2a) Arri: http://www.arri.com/camera/film_cameras/16_mm_film/arriflex_416416_plus.html (click on the "Technical Details" tab) 2b) Panavision: http://www.panavision.co.uk/pdf/downloads/equipment-info/other/formats-guide.pdf I lumped these two together because they both cite the same specifications: 12.35 by 7.49 mm (0.486 by 0.295 in). This gives us less horizontal resolution than what's listed in WP's entry, but now matches the height of regular 16 mm. We now have an aspect ratio of 1.6475:1 (1.65:1). 3) Kodak: http://motion.kodak.com/motion/uploadedFiles/Kodak/motion/Hub/eb/choices/Choices_INFOGRAPHIC.pdf You'd think these guys would offer evidence corroborating with the camera makers, but they say it's 12.42 by 7.44 mm. Their Super 16 "Sell Sheet" (http://motion.kodak.com/motion/Products/Format_Choices/index.htm ; click the Super 16 mm tab) at least confirms that regular 16 mm is still 7.49 mm in height. Their Super 16 film dimensions calculate to an aspect ratio of 1.6694:1 (1.67:1) which is the closest match to the often touted 1.66:1, in my opinion. So we're left with three different physical descriptions. Which one is correct? What does SMPTE, ANSI, and/or ISO state for the record? (I'm not a member of any so I'd appreciate it if those who were could chip in.)
  6. Hello all, I'm new here, and have decided to dive right in. Check out a little project myself and some chums shot in the summer. It's about rape and murder. https://vimeo.com/60551788 Thanks, Lucien
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