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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, selling a lightly used Emotimo Motion Control 4 Axis slider package. Includes the Dana Dolly integration system (dolly not included) and the iShark slider. It was only used indoors for interviews and motion control commercial work. Probably used about 15-20 times. Everything is in near perfect condition. This is perfect for motion control video production or timelapse still photography. This package includes the following: 1) Spectrum ST4 4-axis motion control head w/ V-Lock Battery Plate + Wireless PS4 controller 2) Spectrum medium hard case 3) Universal L-bracket (camera / Fz motor mounting) 4) eMotimo Fz (Focus/Zoom) Motor 5) iFootage Shark Slider with 30 inch base and 2 foot extension (configurable to 2 and 4 foot lengths ) 6) iFootage Integration Kit with 2 motors - direct drive is fast, quiet and great for level shots. 14:1 geared motor is strong and meant for angled and vertical shots. 7) USB Card/Instructions ? Arca compatible plate for pan axis 9) 12V AC power supply 10) CL-N3, CL-DC0, CL-S2 DSLR camera trigger cables Additional Items Include: 1) Dana Dolly Emotimo Integration Kit 2) ) AC Power Adapter - 24 volt DC high current adapter This retails for over $4700 new. I'm asking $3250. Price is firm.
  2. Mark Roberts Milo Motion Control & Modular Rig (RARE) Latest Flair software is included In GREAT working condition The Academy Award Winner Equipment The rigs are located in Cairo, Egypt. And it can be shipped worldwide but it needs a special plan for logistics to ship. We can discuss the plan. Price: $150,000 omar@raw-entertainment.com
  3. My last postings was on Jan-10-2018, in the Sound forum. Time for another equipment update... ? http://kencooper.ca/motor-mixing-console.html
  4. Hello. I've been doing some macro stuff with a lightweight camera (a7s ii with cage and a variety of lenses). I've been using the Rhino EVO 24" with the arc. It works decently. My biggest gripe is that for macro shots, you can really see the camera shake and you can't touch the camera at all during its move. I've found that the slider with the arc, then a ballhead, then the camera is too much height between the camera body and the base of the slider. So i'm in the market for something new and looking for something that can take a bit more weight. Anyone have anything they like? Thinking outside of a mirrorless/dslr bubble. It seems like there's a ton out there these days and it's hard to wade through it. thx, Dan
  5. Looking for advice on how to program controlled focus and zoom on a Canon 70D, though open to suggestions on other DSLRs and HD cameras. I want to program the camera to zoom in from a wide shot to a close up very slowly for 15 mins, stay on the close up for a few minutes then zoom back to the wide shot again in 15 mins, remaining always in focus. This is not for a time-lapse, it will be a continuous shot. Is it possible to do this with a DSLR? What kind of equipment would I need? Would love to hear from someone who has done something like this!
  6. Hey all, I'm gearing up to shoot a music video using a Kessler Revolution head as a motion control rig. I'm looking to shoot the band in a large open warehouse that has some windows but I will need to bring in lighting. The finished video will look like a one shot video where the band is performing and the camera pans to the left continuously and each time the band starts to exit frame right they enter frame left, and this happens throughout the video. I have linked a previs video I put together to help explain the concept. My plan is setup the Revolution Head in the center of the warehouse and program it to rotate 360 degrees in 4 minutes and 5 seconds (the length of the song). From here I will shoot a clean plate and shots with the band performing. Each pass that has the band performing I will shift the band to the left in a circular trajectory so I can then layer the shots in post. I'm guessing the post would require some masking but nothing too extreme. My issue is, how will I get the lighting to match and stitch consistently throughout the video. I fear that unless I light the entire space the lighting won't stitch properly. Any information is greatly appreciated. Previs video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNYeV4WKIPE&list=UU3jj9kfaAsoOB0p_K24jzvA Thanks, Michael
  7. Hi everyone, we wanted to write in and say thanks. We're so grateful for your feedback and support on this project. First phase of the 3-axis time-lapse moco rigs now in production. Phase 1 shipping is schedule for this month. Video overview here: https://vimeo.com/93078265 Lightweight at 3 pounds per unit with motor or 7 pounds for pan/tilt configuration. Super strong handling up-to 20 pound payloads. Highly configurable with 100s of possible combinations and last but not least affordable at $350 per axis. Please keep the ideas coming as we work towards final design. Phase 2 ships towards the end of summer. Can't thank you enough for your support.
  8. 'm selling my Kessler Shuttle Pod & 8ft of track Revolution Head, camera control module & two Oracle controllers + 1 x 500 series Motor, 2 x 12V batteries. + 1516 Pelican case Used only once (bought for one production, ending up not using it). Mint condition. $4800.00 Amazing for motion time lapse contact: stewartwhelan@mac.com for pictures
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