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Found 10 results

  1. Complete Cinema Products CP-16R Camera Package. Reflex standard 16mm body with 1.33:1 ground glass and mattes. New belts, runs great! Angenieux 12-120 zoom lens with some filters 2 400ft Magazines 2 batteries (only one works) and 2 chargers This is a great sync-sound camera as a starter kit for someone who maybe can't afford an SR. The only thing it really needs is new batteries, as the stock ones are pretty bad. Everything else works great and with a lens, it's a hard to pass up deal at $1500.
  2. I made a detailed video review of the Soviet Kinor 35H movie camera (model 9KSN-2M) in 3 parts. The first video is ready! This video is in Russian, but the video has English subtitles. Enjoy!
  3. Kinor 35H (9KCH-M2) - Russian professional 35 mm movie camera set The camera have OCT-19 lens mount, synchro sound (-32db), full working, tested, excellent condition. FULL SET! Original LOMO OKC lens, follow focus, magazines, matte box, power supply, support, accessories, cases! The set included: Camera body- Kinor 9KCH-M2, last series, made in 1992. Modified to "N" perforation (Kodak Negative), 4 perf. standart 1,37:1 gate. The motor controller upgraded to variable speeds: 4,6,8,12,16,18,24,26,28,32 fps and reverse speed! 24 and 25 fps- crystal synch speeds. Camera in excellent working condition, serviced. S/N: 920117 LOMO OKC lens set, original, from one factory set. OCT-19 mount, follow focus rings. The Kinor series, made in 1988-1991, multi-coated. Excellent+++ condition, no scratchers, no fungus, no oil spots, no durst inside, smooch mechanics. 18 mm f3.1 - LOMO OKC5-18-1, S/N: 910110 22 mm f2.3 - LOMO OKC3-22-1, S/N: 910010 28 mm f2.2 - LOMO OKC7-28-1, S/N: 900259 35 mm f2.2 - LOMO OKC11-35-1,S/N: 919158 50 mm f2.2 - LOMO OKC1-50-6, S/N: 900312 75 mm f1.6 - LOMO OKC14-75-1M (speed), S/N: 910006 100 mm f3.1 - LOMO OKC2-100-2, S/N: 880044 150 mm f3.1 LOMO OKC1-150-1 S/N:800098 Film magazines: 150 m (500ft)x 2, 300m (1000ft)x 1 Accessories: Original Kinor plate and support Matte box short and long viewfinders shot handle with remote control cable 220v AC power supply Battery Charger 12v power cables Repair kit (reflex shutter, film greifer mechanism, and other new parts) Original aluminium and wood cases (included 5 cases: 1- camera body, 2- lens set, 3- 500ft mags, 4- 1000ft mag, 5- matter box, battery and accessories) Worldwide shipping, email: schubert@ngs.ru
  4. For Sale Arriflex 35BLIII movie camera .Camera used but in excellent condition .Arriflex 35BLIII - 35mm sync sound motion picture camera . Camera and complete of magazines is serviced and now ready for shooting immediately. In set : • Camera body in anvil case • Matte box • 1 Mags 400 ft ( 120 m ) in anvil case • 2 Mags 1000 ft ( 300 m )in anvil case • Right handgrip with function start / stop • 1 x Battery 12V , 7Ah • Charger • Power cable with 4pin XLR connectors for charger • Coiled power cable with 4 pin XLR connectors for camera • Sliding base plate • Short viewfinder • Long viewfinder extender • 2 x 15 mm diameter rods , length 440 mm + Anamorphic viewfinder - conversion from Russian Konvas 2M movie camera viewfinder Price - $ 1800 + shipping For additional question or photos - please contact with me sergastr@list.ru sergastr@yahoo.com Camera located in St.Petersburg , Russia
  5. KONVAS-AUTOMAT 1KCP-1M 35 mm professional Russian movie camera set. Full working condition, tested with film and battery. The Price: 200USD+ shipping Email: schubert@ngs.ru OCT-18 lens mount. Made in USSR in 1991 The set included: Movie camera body, S/N: 916780 Stabilized motor 15EPCC Motor cable Magazine, 60 m x1 Power supply unit: 8,16,24,32 fps. Battery: no original. I can included two film mags x 60m from diffirent cameras set, extra +40USD Worldwide shipping.
  6. Hello! I have two fantastic Super 8 camera for sale. 1) Leica Leicina Special. High end Super 8 movie camera. Mint condition. Including the ST1 Leica interval for time lapse and remote control, original leather bag. Leica Optivaron Lens 2) Beaulieu 5008 S Multispeed. Including battery, charger, leather bag, Scnheider Optivaron Lens. Message me if you are interested. I have shot a music video with both cameras recently. These cameras never let me down. The Eken and the Lumix did on the shoot...blurred, SD card crashed, battery out... I would ship it to EU. USA or overseas is maybe possible if its worth it...
  7. Russian 35 mm movie camera Kinor 35S (5KCN), full working condition, very good. Lens mount: OCT-19 Konvas, Kinor LOMO lens, 35 normal gate, perforation "N" crystal synch speed motor, mag 150 m, speeds: 8, 12, 16, 24, 25, 32 fps, (24,25 quartz) varispeed, noise level -32 db. Battery 18 v, made in USSR 1985. included: the camera body -weight about 15 kg, 1x magazine 150 m, battery, cable. Price: 1000USD, included worldwide shipping, or eBay price: http://www.ebay.com/itm/161909923308?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 email: schubert@ngs.ru
  8. I'd love to know your opinions on which is your best 35mm camera. If you want to mention what lenses you prefer working with these particular cameras that's cool too. Cheers Matt
  9. Hi all, i am heading to the Patagonia in a couple months to start production on an installation piece i am working on - i am shooting film footage on a 16mm Krasnogorsk-3 movie camera and wanted to get some tips or advice on what colour films that you might suggest for such a project. i am taking landscape shots which i plan to project and play on loop in slow motion to the point where the movie footage will appear to be a 'moving photograph' I'm based in Sydney and have done a small amount of research and have found a lab in victoria that offers Aviphot 200asa at 100' for $45au. does anyone have any experience with this film? or would you recommend it for landscape shots? any advice on this would be really greatly appreciated. thanks very much.
  10. I just bought a Bell & Howell Electric Eye 8mm camera, and I'm pretty sure I need double 8mm film, but correct me if I'm wrong... Does anyone know where to get this kind of film? Thanks.
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