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Found 9 results

  1. Wednesday, May 13, 1:00 PM, PDT - Join DP's Ben Kutchins and Armando Salas, director/camera operator Ben Semanoff and art director David Bomba, ADG, in a live conversation about the Netflix series “Ozark” and learn how they evolved the show's dark, picturesque look in season three. Full Let's Talk Cine/NAB Express program here: https://bit.ly/NAB2020LTC. Click the session card and register using the blue Zoom link below the session description and time. David Geffner, ICG Magazine executive editor, is moderating.
  2. Dig out your old SD CCD non rolling shutter camcorders and start creating content ? YouTube follows Netflix by reducing video stream quality in Europe
  3. Very surprised that there's no thread about the film so far. It's available today on Netflix and is also showing in 600 locations across the world (the film was released two weeks earlier in theaters exclusively), they're actually pushing this very hard in Mexico (there are even mobile cinemas ! that go around to show the film in certain locations), domestically as well, it's already been sweeping many awards, many for best picture, best director and best cinematography. Chivo was supposed to shoot the film, they prepped and he had to drop out. Cuaron then took over and shot the film himself (Galo Olivares rumored to be the co-DP at some point, has a credit as cinematography collaborator (never saw that before) and camera operator). Here's the second trailer: I'd advise of course to watch this on Netflix to get a better quality. Chivo & Cuaron discussed the film at a panel: https://variety.com/2018/artisans/in-contention/alfonso-cuaron-details-roma-cinematography-with-gravity-dp-emmanuel-lubezki-1203085424/ The film has insanely great reviews and it's all deserved honestly. I couldn't get into it at first, it felt like I feel watching Children Of Men or Gravity which is to say, I admire and respect those films more than I like them. I LOVE A Little Princess and Harry Potter & The Prisoner Of Azkaban though, Great Expectations is quite good too and Y Tu Mama Tambien is strong. But then something clicked about halfway through the film and I was in completely. The film is completely immersive, there is no score but the sound design is very strong, I felt like I was witnessing this slice of life in person. Cuaron takes his style one step further by adopting a very minimalistic approach. The camera often pans across the scene, left to right, right to left, observing. At times, it's simply static and lingers. Other times, there are hypnotizing tracking shots (one just following characters walking across a dirt road, with a gorgeous vista and the mountains in the background, the camera is higher up on a hill. Another one on the beach, so simple and yet so powerful). The B&W is also gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous, so pure. Cuaron explained why he shot this on the Alexa 65 and not on film and he wanted it, those memories of his, to be pristine. Anyway, Cuaron has apparently pushed for theaters in the US to show the film either on 70mm or Dolby Atmos, but considering it's playing in many places that have none of those things, I guess he loosened up. Do try to watch it on the BIG screen with quality sound, it is worth it, I didn't think so at first but it is. A funny tidbit: the ending credits state the film was shot entirely on 65mm which is obviously not true as it's not film, but for some reason, Netflix and Cuaron have been pushing that narrative a lot :D
  4. Looks like Arri just announced a new camera at the BSC expo that should cover Netflix's broadcast requirements. Taken from 4kshooters.net Large Format 4K ALEVIII Sensor (from the ALEXA family) Compatible with Full-Frame LensesNew ARRI Signature Primes at T1.8 (mostly) Sensor is slightly bigger than 35mm full-frame Familiar ALEXA SXT family body design 4K ProRes recording options ARRIRAW at 150fps SxS or SXR Capture Drives depending on configuration Netflix/Amazon and other UHD/4K deliverables compliant New LPL mount for large format lenses Compatible with S35 lenses Wi-Fi enabled Basic pricing starts at €74,000 Available in March 2018
  5. Panasonic Varicam 35 Package For Sale - $19,500 I am Los Angeles-based director/producer and purchased the camera for a production. It was barely used (161 total hours). It's like new. I am happy to provide professional references from reputable industry professionals. This is an excellent camera at a steal of a price. All functions of the camera work perfectly. It has been extremely well kept at a rental house in LA. All functionality can be tested before purchase. The Package includes: ||CAMERA|| - Panasonic AU-V35C1G Varicam Camera with PL Mount - AU-VREC1G Recording Module - AU-VCVF1G OdLED Viewfinder for Varicam Mount - EVF Cable - Eyecup - Body Cap - Top Handle - Gold Mount Battery Plate ||OTHER|| - 2 x 256GB expressP2 Memory Card (2 256GB cards total) - Panasonic AU-XPD1 Express P2 Memory Card Drive - CUSTOM CAMERA CASE from Master Case. Latest firmware installed Version 7.50-00-0.00 (240 FPS, anamorphic de-squeeze, any Apple ProRes available, and more) Please let me know if you have any questions at all.
  6. This film was supposed to premiere today at the Cannes Film Festival. Darius Khondji will be there, according to afcinema. Apparently, Netflix did not want this to be shot on film and demanded it be shot in 4K: The film got into a controversy between Netflix and the Festival because Netflix didn't want to show the film in French cinemas. The screening was stopped today because of heckling. Here is a fresh interview with Darius Khondji – in French. Check this link, too. Here's another one, in French again. Funny that he says he hopes he has no style. The film will be released on Netflix on 28 June 2017.
  7. Surprised to see no one talking about it. This is a new show by The Duffer Brothers (who directed an indie thriller Hidden, and wrote a couple of episodes of the first season of Wayward Pines) on Netflix. It starts Winona Ryder, David Harbour (who's everywhere these days ^^), Matthew Modine and a bunch of wonderful kid actors y'all be hearing about soon enough. It's set in the 80's, and basically, it's a mashup of everything you love if you're into that stuff, meaning it has elements of sci-fi mode Spielberg, ala E.T, Super 8, Stephen King, you got a group of kids, one of them disappearing, a weird girl in a hospital gown that runs into them and is special, you got the kids on bikes, you got the heavy sci-fi element, the mystery element, the supernatural element, the great soundtrack with a heavy synth score, wonderful cinematography and you get a not to miss show. Tim Ives (Mr Robot pilot) shot the hell out of it, it's basically a series that looks like it cost much more than it probably did, extremely high production values, fantastic cinematography, shot on Red Dragon and Leica lenses (confirmed to me by Tim Ives). Binge it, embrace it, love it.
  8. Narcos - TV Series Trailer IMDB LINK http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2707408/ "A chronicled look at the criminal exploits of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar." Directors Jose Padilla Guillermo Navarro Andrés Baiz Fernando Coimbra Cinematographers Lula Carvalho Mauricio Vidal I am not very interested in TV Series because I barely have time to watch a whole season and try to catch up with the missing episodes when I am not at home. Said that a tv series from Netflix caught my attention the moment I heard its name, Narcos. Based in Pablo Escobar's life, Narcos is a fantastic tv show where we see the world from Escobar's point of view. Although there are two "main" characters, Pablo Escobar (the narco) and Steve Murphy (the DEA agent), the whole show spins around Pablo Escobar and why he did what he did, how he went from being a little smuggler to the king of cocaine. The show uses a lot of voice over and it helps enter its world, which is recreated very very well and feels real. Lula Carvalho (the main cinematographer) and Jose Padilla (the creator of the tv show) designed a look which is just splendid, gritty and poetic. It is quite interesting that they decided to bring new directors each 2 episodes (the tv show has 10 episodes), maybe to revitalise the different points of view or to emphasise some other ones which needed to be shown a bit more. The episodes I liked the most were the ones directed by Andrés Baiz, who also directed the last two. I think he got the idea very well and you can see how Escobar's world flips down in those episodes that he directed. If you have time to watch "Narcos" at some stage I would recommend blocking a weekend to watch the 10 episodes straight away, it is very engaging and what worries me the most is that at the end of the day you want to be like Pablo Escobar because you understand why he did what he did! So kudos to the showrunners and the directors! :) Have a good day!
  9. Hi All, I am currently writing a business report on media production and distribution specifically focusing on the emergence of technology and online platforms and was wondering if you could answer a few questions relating to this subject area? 1. How significant a role has Alan Horn played in the current shape of tent-pole cinema? 2. How would you evaluate the demise of Blockbuster? 3. How important do you anticipate online funding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indie go-go be in the future of media production and distribution? 4. How significant a role does Netflix have in comparison to other distributors and distribution methods of media content? 5. Will cinema survive the current prominence of consumers being able to downloadable content? 6. Can technological advances work in conjunction with traditional production and distribution methods? 7. Does the employment of single sensor cameras in films mean that tv and movies are now parallel to each other? Thank you for your time.
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