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  1. Send them back and get something better.
  2. Quasars are insanely expensive in Europe though. I've been looking into it as well but other than the Yuji tubes (which are not as bright, almost always out of stock and not bicolor) there really isn't anything that has a high CRI and is dimmable. Sylvania, Philips, Osram and all of the major players have led tube products (some with CRI 95+) but none of them are dimmable unfortunately.
  3. Looks like Arri just announced a new camera at the BSC expo that should cover Netflix's broadcast requirements. Taken from 4kshooters.net Large Format 4K ALEVIII Sensor (from the ALEXA family) Compatible with Full-Frame LensesNew ARRI Signature Primes at T1.8 (mostly) Sensor is slightly bigger than 35mm full-frame Familiar ALEXA SXT family body design 4K ProRes recording options ARRIRAW at 150fps SxS or SXR Capture Drives depending on configuration Netflix/Amazon and other UHD/4K deliverables compliant New LPL mount for large format lenses Compatible with S35 lenses Wi-Fi enabled Basi
  4. Beautiful work, Miguel! Your framing, lighting and lens choices really give it a unique look and atmosphere. Quite melancholic and representative of the feelings one might get while being out in the countryside. Very fitting for the piece.
  5. Can you please post a photo of what you want to achieve? It sounds to me like haze + a Source 4 Leko or Joker Bug would do the trick. Here are a few stills that showcase this technique (not my work): https://imgur.com/a/cpYKV
  6. There are B4 1.4x / 2x extenders out there that can be used to cover the whole sensor with a light loss of 1 and 2 stops respectively.
  7. Please do tell us what's inside of the Quasar, Jaron.
  8. The Aputure 120d/300d COB lights have a fresnel attachment that is quite good and led lights like the Rayzr 7 are designed from the ground up with a fresnel lens. The Rayzr is allso daylight balanced and it puts out more light than an ARRI 575W HMI while also drawing way less power. All of the above are also CRI / TLCI 98+ The new generation of led lights seems to finally be good enough to replace traditional fixtures. Quasar tubes in place of fluorescent tubes, high powered daylight balanced LED lights to replace 650w-1000w ARRI's etc. It's going to take a while but it seems inevitab
  9. I forgot to say that I do not think that these two videos showcase how close you can get to s16 with the Ursa, just what the camera looks like in 2k mode with s16 glass out of the box.
  10. The Ursa Mini 4.6k Pro in 2k or HD window mode is the closest to s16 I've seen so far. The rolling shutter goes down to 6.32ms so it's imperceptible, you can use 16mm and s16 glass without vignetting like on the BMPCC because the 2K window is: 11.26 x 6.33 - Crop 3.19x, the dynamic range and the color science is beyond what the little pocket camera could put out, you can overcrank to 120fps, good ergonomics, V-Mount batteries, SSD recording etc. It's a gorgeous tool for emulating S16.
  11. A small softbox (under 1 meter) with a narrow angle honeycomb grid (to keep the light off of the background as much as possible) and an Aputure 100D, would also be a very cheap rental and more than enough to get you that look. Place the light as Miguel described, get the fill side of the face to be 2-3 stops under key and the background to 1-2 under and you should be set.
  12. Thanks. How are you finding the Depron so far? I've somehow never heard about it until now.
  13. Miguel, if you don't mind me asking: how much light loss is there from this 3mm Depron material?
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