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Found 19 results

  1. Hi all, Came across an intense flaring/ghosting (not really sure what's happening here) phenomenon using a Cooke S16 Varokinetal 10.4mm-52mm. It has been serviced by Visual Products 2 months ago. The stills come from footage on a RED GEMINI in 2K crop mode, with standard OLPF and no filter or mattebox on. It is present across the aperture (toned down past T5.6) and zoom range (seems to zoom in the effect). Can provide examples in other lighting situation. In a lot of scenes the light source, even a window with ambient daylight, will appear as a blue ghost/flare. The effect was noticed on ARRI mini LF too and potentially on ARRI SR2 (though not as evident on the 16mm footage shot yet, as the source was ambiant overcast daylight). I find this interesting as I tested a lot of vintage S16 zooms before from Angénieux, Canon and Zeiss and never came across this to my memory. Anyone has insight or guesses on this? Trying to gather information from other users too. Thanks, Alec
  2. Hello colleagues. Since for some reason I can’t write about it in books topic, I will write it here. I apologize if I violated something. I am interested in literature about optics. Specifically defined science based topics with formulas and blueprints e.t.c. I would be very grateful to you if you could tell me what literature you used. Topic are: Topic 1. Fundamentals of Geometric Optics Topic 2. Ideal optical system and its properties Topic 3. Details of optical systems Topic 4. Beam limitation in optical systems and image illumination in the center and at the edge Topic 5. Optical transmission coefficient Topic 6. Depth of field Topic 7. Optical aberrations Topic 8 Assessment of the quality of the optical image of the lens Topic 9. Principles of the structure and operation of optical systems, formation and perception of the image Topic 10. The eye as an optical device Topic 11. Photographic lenses Topic 12. Basic parameters and properties of film lenses Topic 13. Influence of lens technical parameters on image performance Topic 14. Telephoto lenses. Varifocal Lenses Topic 15. Anamorphic optical systems Topic 16. Optics of television and video equipment
  3. I've been mulling what it would take to make a lens from scratch, particularly a projector lens. With proper machining equipment, I believe I could construct every part of the lens except the actual glass elements themselves. As far as designing the optics, instead of ordering custom glass elements, I could take advantage of the low cost of mass produced elements from companies like Edmund Optics. However, I'm wondering just what kind of tolerances in the glass thickness would be acceptable. For example, in an old episode of "How It's Made", they show the construction of a Canon EF 500mm F4 L IS USM lens, a $9000 lens, and they mention that the glass elements have a tolerance of +/- 0.001mm. That kind of a lens has far more precision than I would need. The cheapest elements from Edmund Optics however have a tolerance of +/- 0.1mm., something I would guess is way too low, but I'm not sure. This is for projecting Super16 film in a modified projector. Really, I don't think I would need better precision than what you would find in a $100 DSLR kit lens. My question is: What kinds of tolerances would be acceptable, and/or what kind of precision is used in mass produced kit lenses.
  4. Century 1.4x extender - PL mount. Optics look clean and bayonet operates smoothly. $475 Shipped CONUS. Photos
  5. RED PRO PRIMES Located in Gothenburg, Sweden A set of 5 lenses: 25, 35, 50, 85, 100mm [Metric], including a PeliStorm im2620 case. All lenses are in excellent condition, optically and mechanically. They have been used with great care since I bought them from RED in 2009. Only minor cosmetic signs of use - see pictures: https://bit.ly/2TqqNpA DETAILS T Stop: 1.8 Mount: Arri PL Scale: Metric Front Diameter: 110mm INFO Read here how Red Pro Primes performed at Evin Grant’s SALT Test: https://bit.ly/2QCoFuo PRICE 6000 Euro PAYMENT PayPal or cash in hand Buyer pays shipping, PayPal and custom fees, if any. This ad is also displayed on Reduser: https://bit.ly/2Wosepw PICTURES https://bit.ly/2TqqNpA
  6. Hi all, I was wondering how one would go about exposing or even using color effect filters like color gradients, Coral, Antique Suede or Day for Night optical filters while shooting on a digital camera and delivering in color. For example, say that you are using an Antique Suede. Wouldn't depriving the sensor of blue light be very destructive to the raw image? To my understanding the blue channel displays the most noticeable noise the most often. If so, how would you combat this? What are the advantages of doing such an important color decision in camera rather than in post apart from the "stops people from messing with your image" argument? Are there any clear optical or overall quality differences? Thanks in advance!
  7. Interested to add an Angenieux 50mm 1.5 S5 or Kodak Ekton 50mm 1.5 lens to my equipment. Would anyone have a nice copy offering for sales or know where I can get one? Thanks and Best regards, Teddy
  8. Carl Zeiss Planar 85mm Standard Speed in PL Mount S/N: 67xxxxx -Great Condition -Very Clean Glass -Very Smooth Mechanics -No Scratches -No Fungus -No Haze -Minor paint loss on the body $4500
  9. Canon Optex 100mm and 135mm f2 lens in PL Mount. Perfect addition to supplement a set of Canon K35 lenses. Vintage Canon FD 100mm and 135mm rehoused by Optex UK PL mount ( The 100mm has an original PL and BNCR dual mount, The 135mm was originally BNCR mount and the PL mount engineered by Optitek in 2009) I have owned these lenses since 2007 and bought them from the original owner who had them from new. 80mm Fronts, Lightweight ,Focus Scale in Feet, 300 Degree Focus rotation, Full Frame coverage, f2 aperture, Focus and Aperture Gears. The lenses have just been serviced at True Lens Service and are in excellent condition. £ 3000 UK Pounds Each £ 5750 UK Pounds for both. + VAT at 20% applicable on sale in UK and EU + Shipping. More Pictures on Request. Email nrgsmith 'at' btinternet.com
  10. $159,950 Very nice condition. email me for pictures. carson.lori61@gmail.com
  11. Hi all I was wondering is it possible to use a lens doubler on anamorphic lenses? If so is it the same kind used for spherical lenses or are there specific doublers for anamorphics? Thanks
  12. Hey guys, my company, ShareGrid, teamed up with Duclos Lenses and Old Fast Glass to build an incredibly large lens test. 8 sets of lenses, 40 lenses, 79 test videos. All under the same control, same lighting, same set up. And you can watch up to 4 test videos side-by-side at any time! Check it out! http://blog.sharegrid.com/ultimate-vintage-cinema-lens-test ARRI / Zeiss Master Primes (as our benchmark) Canon K-35s (TLS Rehoused) Cooke Speed Panchros Kowa Cine Prominars Leica Rs (G.L Optics Cine-Mod) Lomo Round-Front Anamorphics Nikon AI-S (Duclos Cine-Mod) Zeiss Super Speeds MKIII You can find stats, a bokeh chart, testimonials, and other information as well as a 4x video player for all 79 test videos of these lenses. I attached the bokeh chart for fun. I hope this is helpful for some of you as I know it's been helpful for me and my colleagues.
  13. We are currently selling: ANGENIEUX HR 17-102mm T2.9 PL Mount Metric Scale, Europe Located. Perfect working condition Glass Mint Condition. Minor marks and signs of use. Custom case included. LOOKING FOR: 8.000€ + shipping + fees. PM: alvaro@camararental.com
  14. Hello, In your opinion, which would be the best film school in California to do a PhD in Cinematography? My subject would be on the technical side, namely a study of out-if-the-ordinary lenses (Lensbaby, Panavision Hylen, Anamorphic, Soft Focus, Lytro...). Additionally, if you know of someone doing research in this field, I am extremely interested. I have a Director and a school in France but would like to do this PhD with two schools, one in France and one in California (I will split my time between both for work on my company anyway).
  15. For sale - single owner/operator Canon 30-105 T2.8 Cine Zoom with Duclos Multi Mount (EF/PL). A fantastic work horse of a lens that we've gotten great use out of on the Epic, Amira, and C300. In pristine condition, well cared for lens. Has lived in custom Inner Cases Flight Case since purchase from Duclos in December of 2013. $20,000 includes: - Canon 30-105 T 2.8 Cine Zoom with MultiMount - Inner Cases Flight Case - 15mm Rods - Element Technica lens support (15mm) Will gladly drop by Abel Cine or Duclos to allow for inspection. Duclos preferred. Don't hesitate to contact with questions. cameron@camerontrejofilms.com Cheers.
  16. Im selling a set of 3 ARRI Master Primes. The 18mm T1.3, 32mm T1.3, and 65mm T1.3 are in excellent condition. Never rented. Available for inspection. Location: North Texas, 45 min north of Dallas. Im asking $55,000. The lenses come in a durable Innerspace lens case. Also willing to sell lenses individually. The best way to reach me is by email at: elliotovla@yahoo.com We purchased the master primes in late 2012, so we have had them almost two years. They have not been in for any service. One of the lens caps has a chip in it. Not sure how that even happened, but I included a photo of the plastic cap with its damage. Nothing major. The lens case has some wear, but a small wipe down will get it looking in great condition. I have included photos below.
  17. This is a Canon 150-600mm f/5.6L zoom lens with the mount converted to PL and the aperture ring declicked/geared by Century Optics. The glass has no scratches, haze, fungus, separation or cleaning marks. There is some dust visible under bright light on the middle element group (see picture) but it does not effect image quality. Comes with front/rear caps and flight case. Asking $5000. I'm located on the way-north California coast, but can show up in the bay area or southern Oregon for an in-person transaction with some advanced notice and am happy to let local prospective buyers try it out before buying. General information about the lens can be found here: http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography...oms/150600.htm
  18. Hi there, Does anyone know how Alexis Zabe did the flare effect in "Stellet Licht"? Thanks
  19. I've just started becoming familiar with using a collimator to check the flange depth on lenes but had a quick question regarding reading the results (IHI). I am using a gecko-cam auto-collimator; with a lense at infinity and open fully I can measure the flange focal distance however, when I raise the f/t-stops, with some lenses the 'H' begins to move - changing my result. Is this a problem as it only happens with some lenses and should I compensate this into my results? If so how? I hope that was clear enough; please don't hesitate to ask me more questions!
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