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Found 11 results

  1. $6,000 USD, Or Best Offer. I see three potential options for this lens: 1. Great for anyone putting together a set of Lomo Super Speeds to have rehoused with GL Optics (I've seen their latest MKV rehousing for Lomo Super Speeds, and they feel really good/smooth). 2. You could potentially buy a PL mount housing for this lens, like this one on ebay (https://www.ebay.com/itm/114874718075 NOT MY AUCTION), and pay an experienced lens technician to fit it into the housing if you wanted to use it as a spherical lens without a full rehousing. 3. If you happen to own a 35mm Lomo Round Front Anamorphic, this could be a cool modification for your lens to make it a Super Speed T1.8 lens. This housing it's currently in is incredibly rare - a custom modification by Sergey Kravchenco (spelling?) in Russia. Of course this would require an experienced lens technician as well. The lens is currently at True Lens Services in the UK, and included in the photos is an independent lens report from them. I will probably have it shipped back to me in NYC in January. TLS also provided me with these pictures of the lens that I'm including here. If there's a buyer interested in option #3, could also offer to sell as an extra with this lens - a custom-made Orbital system by Arma Cine in the UK, for an additional $1,000 USD - that's a fair bit less than I paid. Includes a custom metal lens cap, a foot for lens support, a custom iris gear, and I can throw in both imperial and metric distance rings. I have these parts with me in NY, but I could ship them to either TLS or Arma Cine in the UK if you wanted to ask one of those companies about modifying/combining your 35mm Lomo Round Front with this rear Super Speed, and I'm sure either could attach this Orbital system at the same time. I haven't shot anything with this particular lens, except for a lens test when it was a complete 35mm Lomo Super Speed Anamorphic. I can share a Vimeo link to that footage if you're considering that third option. And here's a link to Sergey's Flickr account that I found, showing a little more info about this modification: https://www.flickr.com/photos/45352422@N08/8279373591/in/photostream/ I personally love the look that Lomo Super Speeds create. If you're interested in using the lens as a spherical lens (Option #1 or #2 above), and not already super familiar with the look they create, here's some great sample/test footage showing how beautiful the Lomo Super Speeds are (this footage was not shot by me or with this 35mm) https://youtu.be/IZZzro92hgo If you don't want to have TLS modify your lens (option #3 above), I'd prefer an in-person transaction here in NYC. I may also be able to coordinate an in-person sale with the help of a friend in Los Angeles. If you're not local to either city, I'm sure I could also arrange an escrow transaction through a US-based broker like Lori Carson (https://www.justcinemagear.com) or Matt Livingston (https://newlifecine.com), or through a US-based lens technician like Jacek at OptiTek, if you'll cover their fee. Please send me a DM if you have any questions. More pictures: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjB7NDV
  2. Asking $6,000 USD.I bought this lens a few years ago and intended to rehouse it with GL Optics (they're up to Mk V now and the mechanics feel really solid to me), but plans have changed. I personally love the look Lomo Super Speeds create, although I haven't shot anything with this particular lens. Here's some great sample/test footage showing how beautiful the Lomo Super Speeds are (this footage was not shot with this specific/serial number 75mm) https://youtu.be/IZZzro92hgoLens glass is in very good/excellent condition.The housing is a bit odd, but that shouldn't matter if you're just getting it rehoused. As you can see in the pictures, it has hand-scratched/engraved markings on the front, but these do match the lens cell inside as confirmed by an evaluation at Indie Optics in January of 2022. It's currently marked in Meters (not Imperial/feet and inches) and both iris and focus barrels feel smooth enough. The iris is 12-bladed and so stays circular throughout the range - it does not create a ninja-star or sawblade shape at any stop, as I've seen with some Lomo Super Speeds, which is a good thing for my personal tastes. While the front telescopes a little bit when you pull focus, the front does not rotate from pulling focus. It focuses in "reverse" like Nikon lenses. And the front does rotate when you adjust the iris. There are no focus or iris gears. Again, I'd recommend rehousing to any potential buyer.I'd prefer an in-person NYC sale. I can also ship within the U.S. (2nd preference) or abroad (3rd preference) if you pay the PayPal fees and shipping with insurance. I may also be able to coordinate an in-person sale in Los Angeles through a friend.I'm also potentially open to a trade/partial trade for a Cooke Speed Panchro 18mm and/or 25mm (Series III only) in very good condition, either not rehoused or TLS-rehoused. I'm not interested in any other trades at this time.I also have available for sale the pictured mount adapter that is OCT-19 (lens) to Sony E-mount (camera) made by RAF Camera. I will optionally sell this adapter *with* the lens for an additional $220. I'll only consider selling this adapter separately from the lens *after* the lens has sold, if the buyer of the lens doesn't want to buy this adapter.Please feel free to send me a direct message if you have any questions.More pictures: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjAQjh2
  3. Sell my full set of Zeiss MK1 B Speed S16mm lenses. This set has been very well maintained, recently serviced, has normal signs of wear and cosmetically are in great shape. Front and rear elements have minimal signs of use. Cinegears with .08 pitch and updated diameter fronts are on all lenses except for the 9.5mm. These lenses are great and have served me well. Included is: 9.5mm 12mm 16mm 25mm X2 PL Adaptors X4 Front Caps X4 Rear Caps I understand that all of us taking a hit with jobs at the moment so I hope its not too inappropriate to post these for sale. When these sell I make sure to reply in this thread and are available unless otherwise noted. PM me for $$$ price or other questions.
  4. Hi there, I would like to buy Zeiss Super Speed MK3 50mm lens. sdragin (at) gmail.com
  5. Hi, I'm selling a lovely 50mm Zeiss Superspeed mkII for Super16. I have tested it on a Sony F3 and it does cover that sensor also! This is the hardest to find of the Super Speeds. The 9,5mm-25mm are more common individually and in kits. Condition is great for its age. Some paint loss on the barrel and some traces from mounting on the very edge of the back element. Focus and iris is really smooth. Lens was checked for collimation last year. Here's a test I did with the lens a couple of years ago: Located in Sweden but I will ship worldwide (but Europe preferred). Price is 1400€. Thanks! Kalle
  6. I'm looking to buy a single 18mm Zeiss Super Speed outside of a set. Mk II or III preferred.
  7. Angenieux Optimo Dp Rouge 16-42mm imperial zoom for $10,500 including Innerspace hard case, a $516 value. It's in excellent condition and has been rarely used. It was purchased a few years ago with the intent of renting it out, but I just don't have the clientele for it and it has sat largely unused. I've used it a few times on personal projects and love the characteristics of this lens, but I can't afford to hang onto it longer. Comes with custom Innerspace hard case. I live in Los Angeles and am happy to demo locally. Or I can ship worldwide at your cost. Can take credit card payment through PayPal for extra 2.9%. cell: 818-six_eight_one-eight_zero_five_two email: stevenyager@gmail.com
  8. Looking for/want to buy: Zeiss "Super Speed" / "High Speed" Distagon 1,2/25mm MkII Please contact me with a private message and kindly provide your email address for further correspondence. If you are not sure which series lens you have (MkI, MkII, MkIII) do not hesitate to contact. You can also check from the list below; manufacturer: Zeiss type: Distagon series: MkII (not marked) focal length: 25mm aperture: f1.2 / T1.3 - 16 coverage: Super 35mm mount: PL iris: 7-blade (not 9-blade triangular) focus: both metric and feet markings, ~350° focus throw Kind regards, Tuomas Viitakoski
  9. Preferably in PL mount, and from sellers in the UK/EU (as I'm based in the UK), though open to offers from further afield. Kind Regards, Josh
  10. Hey guys, We are currently selling a Zeiss Distagon S16 super speed lens, MKII, scale in feet & metric, ARRI PL-Mount, 16mm, T1.2. Let me know if you are interested or have any questions.
  11. Zeiss 25mm T1.3 Super Speed Prime Lens in Arriflex B Mount (Mark 1 version) $1250 + shipping Lens is fully serviced. Glass front and back is clean, no fungus, scratches 
or pits. Iris and focus rings turn smoothly. 80mm delrin front. Includes a delrin 
focus gear if interested, otherwise has oringinal Arriflex focus ring tabs. PICTURES AND MORE INFO: http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/128 Contact a@alainletourneau.com
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