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Found 6 results

  1. Price 11K USD. Including three 400ft magazines. The Magazines are high speed compatible with the ARRI 435 series of cameras, achieving maximum speeds of 150fps.The Paint work is in excellent condition, some slight markings on the camera body and magazines but overall it looks fantastic. Camera painted ARRI Grey. The camera has a variable shutter to the following degrees. 180,172.8,144,135,120,105,90,75,60,45,22,15 Degrees. Fitted with high speed Gate Ground Glass - 1.78:1 with Big TV Markings The Kit includes ARRIFLEX 35III MK3 Camera (4 Perf) # 41358 Cinematography Electronics Crystal Base #91451 CEI Colour 5 Video Assist PAL, with CEI FLX-C5 Frame line Generator Optical Door #40A1364 240mm Extension Finder Pistol Grip 400ft Magazines X 3 ( P&S Technik Conversion) #20785 #9701 #9600 6.6" 3 Stage Mattebox Slide Plate 2 X 440mm 15mm Rods Fuse Replacements LED Battery (Spare) Reversing Plug Shorting Plug (used when Cinematography Base comes off) 2mm Hex Shutter Adjustment Tool
  2. Canon EOS C300 EF mount Mark 1 Camera ( 230 hours) With all accessories. The kit includes : - camera body - Top handle - monitor screen ( no scratches ) - side handle - battery charger - 1 Canon battery BP-975 - 2 Roko batteries BP-955 - 1 eyepiece chamois - HD-SDI cable - 2 Flash cards Sandisk Extreme Pro 64 Gb. - 1 thumb cover ( when the side handle is unscrewed ) The camera works perfectly. Never rented. Used only on my own documentary shootings. The sensor is clean. Some few light scratches on the camera body. ( hours counter : 230 h). All plug plastic covers are here ( HDMI, SDI, ...) . Cleaned and services by Canon official dealer. Located in Europe. Can ship with UPS or Fedex. On demand. Extra charges. Ask for quotes. price : 2400 Euros + shipping taxes. Payment by bank transfer. Paypal will ask too much taxes. High definition pictures on request.
  3. Hey everyone, I apologize if this topic has already been exhausted in previous threads. I'm looking for examples of pull processing for an upcoming project. A few came to mind but I want to continue building a reference library as I prep. If you know of any films/examples please let me know! B
  4. I'm curious if it would be worth it and/or if anyone has attempted to shoot anamorphic but also use up the entire horizontal width of the 35mm frame as is done in super35. Would this not be the overall best use of the 35mm negative from a size/resolution standpoint short of moving to vistavision? I can understand why this wasn't done back when release prints and soundtrack space mattered but why didn't this kind of option come up as a possibility once super35 came around and became popular?
  5. Hi everyone, I'm writing to you because I'd need your hellion my Arri 2C. I just got it and measured the door to see it was Super35 4 perf full aperture but the ground glass has the size of academy anamorphic. It came also with another ground glass, the size of academy anamorphic but with the 1.85 lines. I actually did a test shoot this past without thinking the ground glass would actually be different. So I framed with this academy 1.85 glass to a S35 door. Since it's only a test shoot, it's not too bad but I would love to know your opinion on this one as it seems pretty weird. Any thoughts ? I have a small commercial to come and we need the product to be 1.85 so I was wondering how to frame with this ground glass since I will be doing an extraction from the S35 frame. Thanks so much ! Ben
  6. Hello all, I am looking for an Arri3 super35 Ground Glass with 1.85 markings. I have recently been in contact with Visual Products who don't have them, and Shurcotools who manufacture them in the US, but they could not guarantee me shipment on time (Im leaving for a shoot in Africa at the end of the month and I cannot buy it unless I can get it before this time). In any case - anybody who manufactures/ sells these ground glasses, preferably in Europe? Thanks!
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