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Found 10 results

  1. These lenses are great candidates for rehousing (ex. True Lens Services). Please let me know if you have any questions. A short video link for each is posted below. US $3,000 each, or.... Buy 2 for $5,500 ($500 savings) Buy 3 for $8,000 (1,000 savings) Buy all 4 for $10,500 ($1,500 savings) I'd prefer a local NYC or US-based sale, if possible. But I am open to the idea of shipping. All the Photos: https://www.flickr.com/gp/95212445@N02/e14q9L5Q8g $3,000 32mm Cooke Speed Panchro Series II, T2.3, SN 668919. Arri Standard Mount. Marked in Meters and Feet - CF as marked is 1.25' Cosmetically the exterior is good - but as expected for a lens of this age, the original paint has rubbed off a bit on some of the feet markings. Iris and focus both turn smoothly. FE very clean from any scratches/pits/coating damage. RE very clean from any scratches/pits/coating damage. An unusual circle in center of coating - I'm not sure what this could be caused by but it's very subtle and I'm pretty sure would not affect the image. No visible oil on the iris blades. Some minor internal debris and very mild/subtle yellowing. https://vimeo.com/931220862/35e4d78131 $3,000 50mm Cooke Speed Panchro Series II, T2.3, SN 609172. Arri Standard Mount. Marked in Meters and Feet - CF as marked is 3' Cosmetically the exterior is very good/excellent - the lens looks like it was repainted in the last 10 years and hasn't had much use since. One of the screws holding on the focus ear tabs has been lost, so that sometimes dangles. Iris and focus both turn smoothly. FE very clean from any scratches/pits/coating damage. RE has no pits, but has a few small light cleaning marks (light coating scratches), and one or two small scratches, although small enough that I doubt the image would be affected in any noticeable way. There appears to be some oil on the iris blades. Some minor internal debris and very mild/the slightest hint of yellowing. https://vimeo.com/931222738/95dc7ac8bb $3,000 75mm Cooke Speed Panchro Series II, T2.3, SN 743515. Arri Standard Mount. Marked in Meters and Feet - CF as marked is 4.75' Cosmetically the exterior is good - but as expected for a lens of this age, the original paint has faded and some of the fill paint on engravings has faded. Iris and focus both turn smoothly, although the iris ring turns with a bit more resistance than the others. FE very clean from any scratches/pits/coating damage. RE very clean from any scratches/pits/coating damage. No visible oil on the iris blades. Some minor internal debris and and really no perceptible yellowing - excellent for a 75mm CSP! https://vimeo.com/931223951/a43bea2164 $3,000 100mm Cooke Deep Field Panchro, T2.8, SN 601076. Arri Standard Mount. Marked in Feet only - CF as marked is 5' Cosmetically the exterior is good - but as expected for a lens of this age, the original paint has faded and some of the fill paint on engravings has faded. The housing is a little wider in the focus markings than other 100mm Cookes I've seen, and it may be something custom since it's engraved "CAMERA SERVICE CENTER INC. NYC." Iris and focus both turn smoothly. FE has a few very minor coating scratches (cleaning marks) only really visible when blasting a light from the opposite end. RE has many light coating scratches (cleaning marks) only really visible when blasting a light from the opposite end. No visible oil on the iris blades. There is some internal debris and and the slightest hint of yellowing. https://vimeo.com/931225948/fd510cc607
  2. 152mm Cooke Telepanchro T3.2 Lens For Sale Serviced in 2020 Marked in both Imperial and Metric Close Focus: 8' PL mount No case included This beautiful and very rare lens covers full frame sensors and complements the “Cooke Look” of Series II & III Speed Panchros very well. 152mm Cooke Telepanchro lenses in such clean condition are incredibly rare. Serviced by IndieOptics (a Panavision lens technician) in August 2020 (3 hours labor, receipt available), with no use since then, the glass is in excellent condition for the age, with minimal contamination and just a few (very small/light) marks on the elements. This is an excellent sample for rehousing with True Lens Services, which would also improve close focus (their current wait is approx 16-20 weeks). With that said, this lens is PL-mounted and geared for both focus and iris, and is usable as-is without rehousing. Focus and iris are both smooth, just not as *perfect* as a TLS-rehoused lens. The lens does *not* rotate as you pull focus (so you can use a clip-on matte box), and only telescopes forwards/backwards less than half an inch. It's about a 85mm front diameter with the lens hood, and about 66mm without. The lens has a beautiful 16-bladed iris for perfectly smooth round bokeh. Pictured both with and without the metal screw-on lens hood. Detailed IndieOptics report with images available. If you'd like to pay for an independent evaluation in NYC or Los Angeles (with shipping), I'm also open to that. Link to TLS's specs, in case you're interested in their rehousing after purchase: https://www.truelens.co.uk/telepanchro-152/t3.2 I owned another one of these very rare 152mm Telepanchros (but TLS-rehoused, see picture of the two next to each other), which I sold for $16K in 2022. I'm asking US $9,000 for this lens, providing an opportunity to save a few thousand dollars even if you do decide to rehouse it with TLS. I'd prefer a local (NYC) or Los Angeles (via family/friend) sale. I will consider domestic shipping after that, and potentially international shipping after that. High resolution images available: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjB5oJE
  3. I own one of these beautiful lenses along with a CSP 32mm as well, but mechanically they are different - I use it fine for sure on my GEMINI in manual focus, and I use it wide open at 1.7, which understandably make the image soft. However, I just wanted to make sure that the backfocus on my GEMINI isn't off and contributing to the softness, but for the life of me I've never figured out where the focus marker is on the lens. The aperture marker is evident enough, just not the focus marker. This is not my lens per se, but it is the same and I am linking the video for reference.
  4. Hello, I'm looking for the series 1 cooke speed panchros, in particular the 24mm, 28mm 35mm, 47mm, 58mm, and the 108mm (listed in the brochure as 4 1/4") as these focal lengths are special to this iteration of the panchros, but if you have these or the other focal lengths, those being the 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm and you are sure your lenses are series 1, please let me know.
  5. As title states, I'm having problems with infinity focus on my 18mm Cooke Speed Panchro f1.7 (Arri-S mount, no rehoused) on my RED DRAGON 6K (WEAPON), and there could be a number of factors in play I was hoping someone could shed a light on the most likely issue. The "symptom" (or issue) I'm facing is when turned to infinity, the image is currently out of focus (it's not soft like focusing past infinity, it's actually out of focus - not totally so, but it seems to be focused on a plane before infinity). There are a few things in play here which I will state below (which I think any of which could be causing the issue). (1) I have a RafCamera Arri-S to Arri PL adapter fit on. I'm not new to this adapter, and I'm using 2 of these for my Cooke Speed Panchro 32mm and Cooke Kinetal 50mm respectively on RED GEMINI and RED KOMODO and they work okay, no issue at all. They focus fine to infinity, and focus ring is smooth. However, with this newest lens and adapter I got, without the adapter on, the focus turns quite fine as well; once the adapter is on, the focus ring is noticeably a little bit more resistant to turning (but still turn-able with a follow focus unit). (2) The 18mm CSP seems mechanically different to my existing 32mm CSP and 50mm Cooke Kinetal. The 18mm I noticed has 2 rings, one for focus, one for aperture. The 32mm CSP and 50mm Kinetal does not have a seperate ring for Aperture, and aperture is adjusted by turning the front of the lens. (I'm not sure if this is even a factor, I'm simply stating an observation). (3) My RED DRAGON 6K has a Low Light Optimized OLPF (filter) fit on. I just took over this unit, and it comes with Low Light Optimized OLPF - I'm in the midst of getting the Skin Tone Highlight OLPF instead (because I don't shoot Low Light), and I've kinda read that Low Light generally can affect infinity focus, though again, I'm not sure if it actually causes inifnity focus to go off this much. (4) I'm not sure if my RED DRAGON 6K has had its backfocus adjusted. The backfocus may have been adjusted for the previous lenses it housed, but I'm not sure and I can't really check because the seller was a production house that has clocked over 3.3K hours on the unit, and they've used it with other cameras for multiple productions and shoots - they don't really remember if they did adjust the backfocus on the unit. Although, does backfocus affect infinity focus? That one, I'm not sure. (5) My RED DRAGON 6K uses the older Titanium PL Mount. I'm not sure if this is even a consideration, but it simply is an observation against my RED GEMINI which uses the (newer) Magnesium PL Mount - as far as I know, the difference between the two PL mounts is only in terms of make and weight, but I'm not sure. I'm not looking for the one solution at this stage, but I was hoping to save some time hopefully if I could get help and eyes from more experienced shooters on what might be the most likely culprit as to what's happening here. Thanks in advance!
  6. This lens is in excellent optical condition: it's rare to find such a clean 25mm Series III lens with high serial number starting with a 7, making it among the last made, since you won't find any Panchro serial numbers starting with an 8. I'd say this is an excellent candidate for rehousing (ex. TLS). While it has a *tiny* amount of contamination (barely visible), that would be cleaned out during a rehousing. There's only the lightest/smallest cleaning marks (light scratches in the coatings) in the front/rear elements. No haze, no fungus, no yellowing, no oil on the iris blades, no scratches or cracks or pits that I can see. Mechanically, focus and iris are reasonably smooth, but I would always recommend rehousing. I shot a project on a set of freshly serviced (but unrehoused) CSP lenses years ago and they all exhibited some image shift when pulling focus - and I'd guess this lens would be the same. I ended up planning all my shots without focus pulls. This lens is Arri Standard Mount. TLS makes a very nice Arri Standard to PL adapter (Duclos Lenses sell it in the US). But as I said, I always recommend rehousing. In my experience, the PL mount adapters only make the focus movement less smooth, and they sometimes collide with internal baffles on cameras, like Alexas. This lens has been kept in a lens dry box (electronic humidity controlled) since I bought it in mid-2019, and I never got to actually use it besides a quick test. The previous owner clearly had it serviced with fresh yellow paint and focus gear added, but I don't know what year that was, and I noticed there's a bit of a gap where the gear screws together (it may just needs tightening). Front and rear lens caps included. I'd prefer an in-person NYC sale. I can also ship within the U.S. (2nd preference) or abroad (3rd preference) if you pay the PayPal fees and shipping with insurance. I may also be able to coordinate an in-person sale in Los Angeles through a friend. Pictures: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmXbqKyb
  7. 32mm Cooke Speed Panchro (T2.3) For Sale. Arri Standard Mount. Serial Number starts with a 5. I also have a 75mm CSP that I'm selling, listed here separately. I'm asking USD $2,200 for this lens. Preference will be given if there's a buyer who wants to buy both lenses together. I popped it on my Panasonic S1H and unsurprisingly, it doesn't cover Full Frame (see portholing picture in the photo album). This is a Super 35 lens, although there's a bit of darkening at the edges noticeable on these S35 4:3 aspect ratio shots, but it's *barely* noticeable in 16:9, especially if you're not shooting white walls, and certainly not noticeable in anything wider like 2:1 or 2.35:1. Typical of Cooke Speed Panchros of this vintage, it has some light coating scratches in the front and rear elements, (including one deeper scratch near the edge of the front element, see pictures) but nothing that would affect the image. Duclos told me there's some haze and contamination (see picture) in the optics, and some oil on the iris blades as well. It could use a service, or rehousing somewhere like P+S or TLS. I've included a few shots (of the camera operator figurine from a low angle), shot at T2.3 (Wide Open), T2.8, T4, and T5.6. If you're close enough in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Queens, I can deliver by Uber. Or I can ship. Uploaded file size limits here are pretty small, so I'm going to see if linking to a photo album works: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmPk26hi
  8. Hello, Currently looking for 75mm and or 100 mm series 1/2 f2.0 Cooke Speed Panchro for rehousing. lens block or full lens please share pictures and price at xaviercunilleras@gmail.com Thanks /// Xavier Cunilleras Cinematographer xavijose.com ///
  9. I'm looking at investing in some old Cooke Speed Panchros and I've heard that they come with an Arri Mitchell mount? I'm really confused about these older mounts. I'm wondering if these lenses can be adapted to EF and how much it would cost? Also, are they optically not great now from being so old? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Cooke-Speed-Panchro-50mm-f2-T2-3-Ser-11-II-lens-39XXXX-Arri-Mitchell-mt-Nice-/182696384953?hash=item2a898d99b9:g:CDcAAOSwfpVZLZWD
  10. Hello All, I'm an infrequent poster on this forum, but I was hoping one of you could help me with this lens. I'm not really sure if this is a Series I or a Series II or something in-between or the year of manufacture . The serial number doesn't match the serial numbers of the Series I lenses, or have I got that wrong for a start. Seems to have a similar serial number to the Double Speeds. The glass seems uncoated. I'd like to know if this covers the 35mm frame or just 16mm. It was part of a set of lenses that were used with an Arriflex 16SB, along with a Series III 18mm, that I think covers the full 35mm frame. Just a few scratches on the paint of the barrel from years of light use. The lens is in really nice condition and is pretty smooth as far as the focus and apperture go. Thanks all. Picture below. Paul Re Cotsen
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