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Rob Webster

UK Diary Service

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Hey Guys,


Any of you guys who are UK based assistants/ technicians every used a diary service? I've heard some good things from a few colleagues who seem to be getting a good stream of well paid work through various different agencies, but I'm still sceptical.


Any of you guys every signed up to one of these, or know what the deal is? Is it worth it?


Any advice very welcome.





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I know a few people who use Suz Cruz, but the headline with these places is that they're an organisational aid not an agency, and they do not push anyone (except in exceptionally rare circumstances where the requested individual isn't available). Do not bother unless you have so much work you can't handle the phone calls yourself.



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Not commenting on the diary services as such, but they grew out of the pre mobile phone days, when if the production company couldn't get in touch with you quickly they'd just move on to the next person on their list. These services could confirm your availability and the booking then contact you giving details.


If this is a problem for you they'd be worth considering, if not, perhaps you may be better off using other methods.

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Yes, but this could be down to one of two things:


1) The Arri Crew service is really good at getting out there and finding excellent work for the people on their list


2) The Arri Crew service only accepts people with an enormously good CV.


I know which I find more feasible.



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Christ, I'd never heard of Arri Crew.....


Its important to speak to diary services face to face as well as judging their phone manner. Remember you are interviewing them, not vice versa, you are the client.


You'll also get a very different perspective on their services speaking to production people rather than fellow camera crew. They are ones picking up the phone after all, they soon get bored ringing a service who put them on hold or have a list of obvious favourites.


I'll recommend Sue and Pam at Exec. 01753 646677

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