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Chris Lange

doc camera?

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I am assuming you mean the Iknoskop HD camera? Primarily because it's small and light-weight yet stills puts out a nice image. If memory serves, though, they just now started production of them, so I'm not sure how many people have used them yet. And there is nothing really precluding you from using it on other things aside from documentary etc.

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Partially because the marketing by companies (and surely their fans) like red, Canon, and now Sony and Panasonic, think that a camera with a 35mm sized sensor is a "cinema" camera and anything with a smaller one is for docs or "other" and this probably bleeds over.


In fact two of the most successful high-end independent directors, Danny Boyle and Aronofsky, prefer 2/3" chips (SI2k) or S16mm. Avatar and Miami Vice was also filmed with mostly 2/3" chips. 3D, in many ways, is better to shoot on with smaller sensors too and with its size, it seems that the Ikon would be ideal for it.


The Ikon, to me, is ideal for docs and features because of what you have to work with in post. It may not be the best set-up for Acam on a feature but should deliver some great stuff when put to work overall. I seems kind of like a modern equivalent to a S16mm bolex.

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Yeah, unfortunately the filmmaking group-think is bigger sensor / aperture is always better, when in reality few low budget / indie productions who dream about showing a print on 35mm on a 50 ft screen are prepared to deal with the focus pulling equipment and talent for acquisition on 35mm and larger film or video formats.


A talented cinematographer / director team can get great "shallow focus" images on 2/3" or 16mm cameras.

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Well, thanks for the insight. That helps. Good points regarding sensor size and marketing.


It seems that the cherished thing about new technology always references a limited DOF, when that's not always necessary to make an elegant or appropriate style. What happened to staging in depth, such as Renoir or Welles? The wide angle lens and some interesting blocking!


I know it depends on the story though. Just a blunt statement.



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