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Peter J DeCrescenzo

Panasonic "GH3" information

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Below are links to a new "GH3" product video "leaked" on 43rumors.com (go there for the alleged "GH3" specs). The video appears to be genuine, although it's getting harder and harder to say what's genuine and what's fake on the internet these days. :-)


The new "GH3" is expected to be officially announced at the Photokina expo next week. When announced, Panasonic will post info on their site.




In case the above link doesn't work, try this one.


To put this new "GH3" camera in context, here are links to my threads about the GH1 and the GH2 (more than 30K total page views over the years).


My bottom line on the "GH3":


I'll probably get one, eventually, especially for its alleged 1080p60 capability (for slo-mo in 24p & 30p timelines). My Lumix m43 electronic lenses need a new camera body (I own a GH1 & GH2). This would be in addition to the Blackmagic Cinema Camera I have on pre-order.


However, for my purposes either the "GH3" live 1080p HDMI output must be completely clean and standard for use with an external HDMI recorder such as a BMD Hyperdeck Shuttle-2 or Atomos Ninja-2 (unlike the GH2). It's OK with me if the live HDMI out is only 8-bit 4:2:0, but obviously 10-bit 4:2:2 would be better. 8-bit 4:2:0 can look pretty nice if it's properly dithered (as with newer Sony & Canon cams) ...

... Or the GH3's built-in codec must be relatively high-quality (without "too many" artifacts, such as far less noise, far less gradient banding artifacts, and improved dynamic range).


And the "GH3" must have a headphone jack (unlike the GH2). Plus I hope the "GH3″ will feature a much-improved JPEG stills engine! RAW is all well & good, but jeez, the inexpensive Fuji P&S I owned several years ago did a better job rendering JPEG stills than my GH1 or GH2.


But ... I have my doubts the new "GH3" (body only) will be readily available anytime soon in the US via reputable, authorized Panasonic dealers. In the case of both the GH1 & GH2, it was many months after their announcement that US customers could buy them through reputable, authorized US dealers.

Here's hoping. We shall see.

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EDIT: See below for link to Panasonic US list price pre-order info ...

No hints on cost, I suppose.


I suppose we'll hear from Photokina in a few hours ...


Panasonic's global Lumix "G" site:



Panasonic Japan Lumix "G" site:



Panasonic press release sites:




DPReview often gets first early official press info:






I've heard rumors of body-only from $1K - $2K US. But maybe that will include a cheap lens. We'll see ...


EDIT: Panasonic US is accepting GH3 pre-orders directly "Estimated ship date: November 30"* @ $1,299.99 for the body only (no lens).

Historical note: Buying direct from Panasonic US has been a hit or miss proposition in the past. I've had good luck with them myself, but many other folks have had nightmare experiences. Also, ordering from Panasonic US directly is no guarantee of receiving a camera or accessory sooner than buying from a dealer.

*Concerning availability: As of 9/18/12 Panasonic US' direct sales website says "Estimated ship date: November 30", but I have strong doubts based on Panasonic US' past performance with the GH1 & GH2, both of which were essentially unavailable in the US for many months after their initial announcements. Just a heads-up and a caution. YMMV.

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What is sad, that prize in UK and rest of the Europe are much higher than in US.

(About 1300 USD in U.S. and nearly 1900 in Europe)

I don't see any bigger discounts to body&lens together offerts. I think Panasonic had planned, that will be

very cheap and "very smash hit" (f.e. body by 1000 USD), but they re-consile the case and realised, that

they do so much marketing hiss, that the prize may be much higher. :(

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Peter, would you know by any chance if the HDMI output from this camera is compatible with Blackmagic Design HDMI capture devices such as Ultrastudio 3D?


GH3 is supposed to output 1080p60 4:2:0 signal, and the question is...


...is that 4:2:0 signal coded as HDMI v1.4 4:2:2 signal that is compatible with virtually anything that can capture 1080p60, or as HDMI v2.0 4:2:0 signal? The latter will likely require a device that also fully support HDMI v.2.0 - which I believe BMD devices don't support yet.


(It appears that HDMI v2.0 hasn't been released yet - making it highly unlikely that GH3 uses it?)



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I have tested it quickly with hyperdeck shuttle, had to switch the camera output to interlaced (psf) mode to get it working. Dont know about other devices. The best feature in the camera is that the camera display does NOT shut off when you use external hdmi devices, I don't have to use those crappy zacuto finders so often :)


5d has better dynamic range, this one has more versatile lens mount...

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