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Aaton A-Minima with Old B&W ORWO or SVEMA filmstock possible?

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Hello everybody,



I´m new to this forum, but maybe someone out there can help...



We are two filmmakers from Hamburg / Germany and we would like to experiment

with old Filmstocks from Russia, old Black & White ORWO and SVEMA materials

from 1992


We own an Aaton A-Minima and the first loaded spool did not worked

the magazine and the camera shred the Film...



I´ve read some posts here where that happened wit XTR aaton

had someone worked with non Kodak Material on A-Minima?




thanks in advance

Arthur & Eric




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Well it could be that there is a fault with the camera but also I seem to remember that A-Minima films are a different wind to normal Kodak films. I assume you are making your own loads and not using the official Kodak A-Minima loads?



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Hello Freya


we winded the film like it should be ( B-side ) with the emulsion out, into the Kodak Spools,

what do you mean with own loads and not using the official Kodak loads?






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It is most likely the film and not the camera. As you already have read that ORWO in particular doesn't work with Aaton. It is the perf pitch, slightly too close or too far apart. With my LTR, it runs for about 15 seconds then jams. This is the 100 speed. I guess the 400 speed works better, but I have not tried it yet.

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There have been a few threads about this: some folks at a US lab did a pitch comparison between Orwo and Kodak. The Orwo has an irregular pitch length, and these folks were shooting the stock in both Aaton and Arri cameras with bad results: mostly jams and bad camera noise. Orwo needs to manufacture differently for the stock to run on more precise sync cameras.

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