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Adam Dodd

Cheap computer monitor to hook up to F55

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Hi gang,


I once worked with a shooter who had an F55 hooked up to a cheap computer monitor and I wonder what type it was and how it would be possible. The camera was shooting 4k I know that for sure but not sure if it was outputting 4k. Any know of a computer monitor that has sdi inputs? Or did he maybe have a converter from sdi to hdmi? Any thoughts or tips for a decent set up that wont cost the earth..



Adam Dodd.

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F55 had HDMI out native.. as well as SDI.. but if Satan,s child was cable,it would be this one .. . and so seldom used .. I think your alot better off with a second hand "real" video monitor and HD SDI .. than carting around cheap computer monitors and all their artifacts and dealing with the devils whip.. (HDMI cable)..

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if you want to use a computer monitor, use at least one that is native full hd so that it does not create scaling artifacts. I would not use the cheapest one but something from the couple of hundred bucks range which has decent image and can be at least coarsely adjusted

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The computer monitor was the video split? I've done this a bunch of time with the F5. You can feed the HDMI signal directly to a 1080p monitor. Most of the time I'm feeding it to a PIX240 and then feeding the PIX into the computer monitor (so that the director/producer/clients, can check playback autonomously).


Works a treat, and is a nice, cheap way to get something like a 22" monitor for the client.

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Don't both trying to run HDMI cable from the camera to monitor unless it's under 10' and both are completely static. Use SDI cable instead. Then use a converter box like this one to convert SDI to HDMI:




You can velcro it to the back of a computer monitor with an HDMI input. Really though if you're doing any kind of work in the field, you'll be much happier with an SDI monitor. Used Panasonic 1700 and 1710 monitors are quite cheap now.

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