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LOMO OKC lens set 18,22,28,35,50,75,135 mm for sale, EX++

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LOMO OKC lens set for sale,

included primes: 18,22,28,35,50,75, 135 mm, OCT-18 mount for Konvas 35 mm Russian movie camera. Cover S35, 4K sensor.

Excellent condition++, lens clean and clear, mechanics is smooth.

Lens made in USSR, 1983-1990, good completed for one set.

lens 18mm f3.1, okc5-18-1, s/n 850141

lens 22 mm f2.3, okc3-22-1, s/n 830112

lens 28 mm f2.2, okc7-28-1, s/n 890249

lens 35 mm f2.2, okc11-35-1, s/n 900219

lens 50 mm f2.2, okc1-50-6, s/n 900278

lens 75 mm f2.3, okc6-75-1, s/n 900101

lens 135 mm f3.7, JUPITER-37A, s/n 813253 (very RARE)

all lenses in EX++, 135 mm lens have small spots on the front glass, no effect to image quallity)

The price: $1500+ shipping. email: schubert@ngs.ru








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Color me interested. Do you also have PL to OCT-18 adapters lying around for sale?

Also any stills taken with them?

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I not have Pl mounts, maybe you need this adapter: http://www.ebay.com/itm/oct-18-ost-18-oct18-lens-mount-Lomo-Konvas-to-PL-mount-camera-ciecio7-adapter-/251405956273?hash=item3a88f674b1:g:mOgAAOxycmBSsIHr


or conversion to PL on repaiman (by Dima Turaev, Viktor Nosov (spbsale.com) and others), price ~450USD/ per lens+ 100USD ARRI focus ring.

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